A family affair

In 1913, Arthur and Poulbot went to Seine-et-Marne to taste wines and learn to drink ‘La Pomponnette’, namely in glasses without foot that they can not pose.

Regaining Montmartre three days later and retaining a memorable memory of this tasting, Arthur debaps his restaurant which was simply called ‘Chez Arthur’ to call it ‘À la Pomponnette’. Then begins for this place a history that will always be linked to that of Montmartre with in particular the decision to create the Republic of Montmartre of which a painting of the restaurant represents the instigators. In 1923, Arthur sacri ced his henhouse at the back of the courtyard and, at the request of Poulbot, built a dispensary where the children of poor families can get free treatment : the legendary dispensary of the «Little Poulbots» !

In 1933, he passed the torch to his eldest daughter Paulette, who had just married Pierre Carteron, a cook. In 1974, Pierre having disappeared, she continues to hold her establishment, along with her daughter Claude and her son-in-law Roger Moureau, who will reign supreme on the bar.

In 1991, Paulette disappeared, Claude and Roger continue helped for some years by their daughters Dominique and Catherine, who therefore represent the fourth generation.

In 2004, Roger passed away. Claude and his daughters, Dominique and Catherine continue. The fth generation is represented by grand children: Julien, Arnaud, Laura and Gregory.

So here is the whole history of La Pomponnette since 1909, a convivial place where we hope you will want to come back !