The Impact Of The Pandemic On Fashion: Why The Padding Trend?

How Vlone Best Outfit Become Trendy To Fall In 2021? | Techsians

Cold days are getting closer in the Northern Hemisphere. And this is already noticeable in stores, where padded vests are sold especially well, which also reveal what is worn underneath.

Likewise, jackets, capes and over shirts pass over the counters, which are really cozy and warm. This trend has a name: Padding.

Interest in these garments was already shown in part in the framework of the fashion shows for the autumn and winter season 2021/2022, as reported by the vlone in its 34th edition of this year. But now this trend really seems to be gaining real momentum.

Knee-Length Vests And Half-Sleeve Jackets

The best known example of padding is the down jacket, and now partly with half sleeves. But nowadays, those that do not have sleeves are also sought after, although they often extend to the thigh or even the knee, and frequently have a high neck.

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