Check Out Green Colored Contacts: How to Choose Color Based On Skin Tone


You probably know that contact lenses became highly popular for both people with and without eye prescriptions. Apart from the idea that they tend to be more comfortable than eyeglasses, they can also improve your appearance and look different.

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The idea is that you can find numerous options available on the market that will provide you peace of mind. Of course, choosing the right type depends on numerous factors, which is why you should choose wisely. 

Keep in mind that your hair color and skin tone can affect your eyes’ color, which is something you should remember.

Choose Contact’s Color Based on Skin Tone

  • Fair Skin – If you have fair skin, you are a lucky person because you can choose any eye shade, and you will be able to get the right enjoyment due to your fabulous appearance. Keep in mind that colored contacts in shades of gray and blue are fascinating for your skin type because you will achieve a classy look among others. You should know that fair skin is perfect for bright ones; mostly purple, turquoise, and aqua are great ways to stand out from others.
  • Tanned Skin – In case you have tanned or brownish skin, you should choose bright contact lenses because they will glow compared with your skin tone. Generally, people with tans tend to choose honey, hazel, green, dark blue, or grey options. On the other hand, you should avoid bright blues because this particular color will not match properly with a brownish skin tone. In case you wish to maintain a neutral perspective, you can choose gray options, but you need to make sure that you add different eye shadows to improve your irises.
  • Dark Skin – Finally, if you have dark skin, you can choose a wide array of options depending on what you wish to achieve in the first place. Keep in mind that warm tones will provide you with the best results that will appear exciting and natural. In case you wish sexy look, you can use a 2-tone violet, warm hazel, or brown option to improve the edges, among other things. At the same time, you can choose smoky colors that are also appealing to those around you. You can also choose a unique approach that will affect your perception by implementing autumn-colored or honey lenses. However, we recommend avoiding loud colors such as aqua and pink because they do not go hand-in-hand with dark skin tones.

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Choose Contact’s Color Based on Hair Tone


  • Medium Brown Hair – Similarly with fair skin, you should remember that medium brown hair would match almost any color you could find. The main idea is to determine the approach you wish to present to others, which will help you decide.
  • Light Hair – If you have blonde or golden-brown hair, it means that you should choose darker shades of contacts such as deep brown, chocolate, or black, depending on your preferences and needs. Remember that light lenses such as the ones that come in shades of beige and gray can also work for you, but it will provide you distinctly Caucasian look. It is vital to make sure that your brows feature the same one as the contacts you wish to get.
  • Black Hair – If you have a cool-toned shade such as salt-and-pepper or blue-black, it is a great option to combine it with purple or blue contacts to get the desired effect. On the other hand, if you wish to achieve a natural appearance, you should go for brown ones instead.
  • Brightly Colored Hair Such As Purple, Blue, and Pink – If you have unique hair tone, you will need to match it with the proper contacts. Of course, everything depends on what you wish to achieve. For instance, if you have hair that grabs attention, you should choose soft ones because it can be too overwhelming to simultaneously have two striking features. The best solution is to choose a brown circle or one-tone black contacts, which will complement your appearance with ease. That way, you can rest assured and improve your appearance, which will help you achieve what you wanted in the first place.