Designer Store – Why People Give More Preference to Designer Brands

Designer brands – the name itself evokes a sense of high-end fashion, luxurious clothing, glamorous labels and personalities who adorn these amazing creations. Paris, a city that is synonymous with fashion and style is literally the birthplace of innumerable designer labels. However, beyond the realm of French shores, America and other European countries especially Italy too witnessed fashion barons creating world famous fashion labels. Hugo Boss, 7 Diamonds, UGG Australia, Christian Audigier, True Religion, Joe’s Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. are just some of the most popular designer labels that exist. Most of the leading brands are known for their aesthetic designs and styles, high quality materials and beautifully finished creations.

The clothes designed are equal to a prized possession or a valuable piece of jewelry. They are nothing less than a masterpiece in a museum or an art gallery and the owner of these creations find it their privilege to adorn these exquisite creations. The price of these designer wear is hardly of any consequence for those who prefer to clothe themselves with the best and most exclusive garment.

Each season heralds the launch of a new line of designer clothing where new styles, new cuts and different kinds of fabrics are experimented with and fashion trends are redefined. Known names such as Christian Audigier, True religion, Hugo Boss, 7 Diamonds, Joe’s Jeans, UGG Australia all display and flaunt their latest collection of haute couture.

Each of the brands is more than just about designing clothes. They represent an expression of one’s individuality and personality. They evoke a sense of achievement, success, glamour and style. Whether it is Armani, Gucci, Hugo or Christian Audigier, these names are synonymous with expressing one’s personality and creating a presence wherever one goes. An aura or charm exudes when one walks into a gathering or a meeting wearing a designer label, even without speaking, much can be gauged from a person’s clothing. A good designer label speaks volumes and a person commands respect and admiration even without saying a word. This is the kind of effect a designer brand would exude and this extends beyond clothes to even cover accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, watches, perfumes, etc.

So what is it about designer a label that makes them so distinctive and unique in every sense?

A lot goes into defining a label or a particular brand at the core of which lies the essence of the ingenious craftsmanship and impeccable quality of the various products used in creating a masterpiece. Each of the brands has their distinctive style and represents a particular trend or a fashion statement.

Where the likes of Hugo, Armani and Gucci may create a combination of classy and sophisticated formal wear, the others like Ed Hardy from Christian Audigier capture the lighter side of life with its trendy and cool designs that exude attitude and style.

True Religion is another world famous brand that specializes in creating designer jeans and though they may come at a price, they are definitely worth every penny. The denims are extraordinary while the cuts and tailoring are superlative. Another denim brand that often creates ripples in the fashion industry with its collection of designer jeans is Joe’s Jeans.

Most of the brands find its loyalists in celebrities and famous icons that adorn these exquisitely crafted designer brands.

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