Is medium format photography worth it? Here’s what a professional thinks

When you are a expert photographer, or hoping to make money from your pictures in any potential at all, you’ll probably be tempted to obtain a single of the greatest medium format cameras (opens in new tab). This is in particular legitimate if you’re a landscape photographer, the place capturing optimum depth has traditionally been found as really important, as very well as for business apps, as customers may possibly request extremely large file sizes.

Of class, as with every thing in photography, these equipment will come at a value, the two in terms of preliminary money outlay and in terms of the boost in the storage expected, to say very little of the requires it sites on the processing electric power of your computer system program. Of program not anyone requirements a huge sensor, otherwise the greatest digicam telephones (opens in new tab) wouldn’t be performing so properly.

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Paul Sanders

Edenbridge, Kent The cameras are heavier, but weigh this in opposition to the raise in resolution (Graphic credit: Paul Sanders)

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Paul Sanders

(Graphic credit history: Paul Sanders)

A former Reuters photographer and photograph editor for The Periods, now an acclaimed fantastic art landscape photographer, Paul potential customers photographic excursions and iPhoneography classes, as nicely as 1-to-one particular workshops for individuals with psychological wellness difficulties. (opens in new tab)