Jewelry Brand En Route Partners With TikTok Star Tatchi

TikTok influencer Tatiana Ringsby aka Tatchi, has teamed up with conscious jewelry brand name En Route for a gender-neutral assortment of playful pieces.

Showcasing funky mushroom necklaces and earrings, along with nautical shark pendants, the unisex assortment celebrates gender inclusivity this Delight Thirty day period. Tatchi, who goes by they/them pronouns, makes use of their social media system to really encourage other folks to be unapologetic in who they are.

Tatchi shares in an exclusive push release, “This collection wasn’t even meant to start in Pride. It just took place that way and it was gorgeous. Every piece has a sentimental value like Frankie the shark. My shark necklace is essentially a replica of my comfort toy, Frankie. I also had a connection with mushrooms. I love that it really is a homosexual point now! They’re whimsical and enjoyable — that’s what trend ought to be. All pieces are about celebrating who you and who you love & feeling good about it.”

Reflecting on doing work with the social media celebrity, Matilda Guo, CEO and Founder states, “We genuinely do choose delight in redefining creativeness, offering Tatchi the area to check out their very own creativeness was an honor. Launching a gender inclusive selection through Satisfaction was just a coincidence but which is the whole stage of the selection, being happy of who you are.”

Each and every piece is produced with the nostalgia and carefree spirit of childhood, ensuing in a wearable celebration and expression of hope for long term generations.

Choose a appear at Tatchi and En Route’s collaboration over. The collection is accessible on En Route’s on-line keep.