Kiko utilizes a laser to instantly measure the height of growing kids

While it may not rate way up there on a list of life’s annoyances, measuring a child’s height in the traditional wall-marking fashion can be a tad fiddly. That’s where the Kiko comes in, as it uses a laser to do the job quickly and easily.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Kiko Laser Height Measurer is manufactured by electronics company Magpie Tech. And yes, it can also be utilized to measure the height of adults.

The user starts by putting the pushbutton-activated device on the floor, then utilizing its upward-facing laser to measure the distance to the ceiling. In a nutshell, the device arrives at this figure by determining precisely how much time elapses between the light being emitted and then reflected back down to it.

Next, the user gently places the Kiko on top of the standing child’s head, and takes another such measurement. An integrated microprocessor subtracts that measurement from the first one, to determine the child’s height – it’s claimed to be accurate to within 1.5 mm. That data is instantly displayed in metric or imperial on the device’s LCD screen, plus it’s transmitted by Bluetooth to a growth-tracking app on the user’s smartphone.

Kiko is claimed to calculate and display a child's height within half a second

Kiko is claimed to calculate and display a child’s height within half a second

Magpie Tech

And while the Kiko should be placed relatively flat and steady on the child’s head, it does automatically calibrate itself to compensate for shakes and tilts. In fact, it’s reportedly forgiving enough that children or adults can use it on their own, to measure their own height. One charge of its lithium-polymer battery should reportedly be good for approximately 2,000 measurements.

Should you be interested in getting one for yourself, the Kiko Laser Height Measurer can be had for a pledge of US$99 – assuming it reaches production, that is. Its planned retail price is $129. A Kiko Smart Scale is also being offered, for higher pledges.

You can see the Laser Height Measurer in use, in the video below.

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