What Is Imitation Jewelry?

Imitation jewelry as the name suggests is something that has been imitated. It is something that usually imitates the look of fine jewelry using raw materials that are less expensive such as inexpensive gemstones and high end metal instead of silver, gold and platinum. Earlier, only the rich people could afford real and fine jewelry. But with imitation jewelry coming in fashion, jewelry became a common people’s thing. Now even the middle class people could afford it. Being affordable, it can be worn on a daily basis and to a lot of occasions. Since it does not hold any history and retains only the appeal of fine jewelry, it is not something that could be passed on from generation to generation. It is entirely made for the purpose of looking fashionable and trendy at an affordable price. Since it is made with inexpensive metals and stones, different styles and trends can be experimented. Unlike gold, where once the design has been made, changing its style requires a lot of cost and labor. Certain styles like thewa and kundan have a timeless appeal. Many people are now warming up to the idea of wearing imitation jewelry at the weddings too. Kundan jewelry is a popular choice among Indian brides.

Imitation jewelry is also known as fashion jewelry, costume jewelry or fake jewelry at times. With the advancement in technology, this jewelry is made with such precision that one cannot make out that it is fake. It resembles the fine jewelry so much that it almost looks like it. Only the trained eye can spot the difference. Now a lot of celebrities are sporting imitation jewelry with panache. They are a great way to look fashion forward or rather stay ahead of the current fashion trend. It originated with the concept of use-and-throw and hence is made using inexpensive gemstones.

Imitation jewelry just like fine jewelry requires your care and attention. So in order to make it last long, make sure you keep it well and clean it after wearing. Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep it in a zip lock pouch away from moisture. While cleaning, do not rub too hard as it can cause scratches on the piece. Soak your pieces of jewelry in a mild detergent and water solution for about 3-4 minutes. Then take a soft cloth and clean all the intricate parts and then pat them dry. Do not keep them in sunlight as the sun may cause the piece to fade and lose its sheen.

Imitation jewelry has been in style since forever and is gaining more popularity now. Apart from having diamonds studs, pearl necklaces or having an entire collection that has only precious and semi precious jewelry is still incomplete if it does not have even a single imitation jewelry. Fashion jewelry or imitation jewelry or fake jewelry is something that it is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is more practical, feasible, affordable and fashionable. If you don’t have it already, buy it soon and add variety to your collection.

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