What Jewelry You Should Be Wearing, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Horoscopes can provide insight into many aspects of your personality, but did you know the stars can also reveal your taste in fashion? If you’re trying to revamp your look or just want something a little different, you can make a big statement with a few carefully curated accessories—and the help of astrology. Keep scrolling to find what jewelry you should be wearing based on your zodiac sign, from dainty necklaces to recycled-plastic bracelets to funky waist beads.

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Lauren Ash is an astrologer and culture writer based in St. Louis. You can follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes and cosmic guidance.

Aries: Fashionable Fitness Tracker

Feisty, fiery, and full of energy, you’re one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, Aries. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, there’s nothing stopping you from accomplishing your goals. You need a piece of jewelry that looks professional and gives you an air of distinction but also transitions to your busy after-work life and physical activities. Dayna Schmidt-Johnson, resident astrologer for Writual Planner, recommends a “fashion-forward fitness tracking bracelet or ring” that will help you “keep on top of all of your fitness goals” and “easily move from the gym to social hour.”

Taurus: Dainty Crystal Necklace

You’re a very sensual and relaxed sign, so beautiful jewelry that enhances your natural down-to-earth energy is a must. Taurus rules the neck and throat, so you’ll want to draw attention to this area with an eye-catching crystal necklace. “I recommend Aquamarine as a crystal… because it will make earthy, skeptical Taurus gradually get in touch with the divine energy within them,” says Virginia Castiglione, resident astrologer for Authority Jewelry. Since you’re overseen by Venus, the planet of aesthetics, you prefer a classic chain that still has a unique look to it. But being a fixed sign, you may be slower to change your tastes, so it’s best to choose a piece of jewelry that is also an investment piece.

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Gemini: Stylish Smartwatch

Confident and lively, you’re always looking for bold accessories that will grab people’s attention and let you stand out from the crowd. However, your busy schedule means you also need flexibility in your fashion choices. Since you’re always on the move, a smartwatch that integrates with all of your apps and online calendars is an absolute must. Plus, Gemini rules the wrists and hands, making this a perfect piece of jewelry that will also keep you organized. Set alarms to remind you when to leave for your meetings, keep on top of your water intake, and even take a break once in a while. To match your birthstone (and your charming personality), opt for an elegant watch in an opalescent pastel or fine pearl finish.

Cancer: Mood Ring

You’re a lover of nostalgia, Cancer. And as the sign ruled by the Moon, the planet that oversees our emotions and intuition, you’re tuned in to your own feelings, as well as those of others.  You tend to absorb a lot of this outside energy, so there’s no piece of jewelry better suited for you than a mood ring that can let you know when it’s time to take a break. “Every Cancer should own at least one mood ring,” says Schmidt-Johnson, describing the jewelry as “an alternative to an ‘Approach with Caution’ t-shirt.” In addition to being a “total ’90s throwback,” she adds that the ring will help your friends know “how you’re feeling without you even having to crawl out of your shell.”

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Leo: Statement Necklace

You’re a scene stealer, Leo, and you just can’t help it! Ruled by the sun, the planet of vitality and youth, you like to wow and need a piece of jewelry to match your extroverted personality. Of course, the color gold is a must for your wardrobe, as it’s your zodiac power color. You love compliments more than life itself, and nothing grabs the attention quite like a statement necklace. However, these powerful pieces can do more than just rake in the adulations. They can also help you hone in on your manifestation goals. “I recommend that Leo wear a [necklace] that symbolizes the power they want to embody, like The Star in Tarot, which represents Leo’s complementary opposite in astrology. Over time, a star charm will help them embrace their talents and share the spotlight when that’s what’s needed,” shares Castiglione.

Virgo: Nature Jewelry

Meticulous, orderly, and a bit of a perfectionist, you love a job well done. However, there’s more to you than just being hyper-aware. You’re also a lover of subtlety and self-expression and often take time alone to recharge and focus on self-care. As an earth sign, you’re connected to nature and feel the most zen when you’re outdoors. Remind yourself and those around you that you are the sign under which all things grow with handmade pressed-leaf jewelry. Keep your earthy leanings close to your heart with a gorgeous pendant or bracelet showing off your favorite fern or clover. You’re also fond of the tried and true, so you’ll never go wrong with a sleek and timeless silver chain to add a bit of sparkle to the look.

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Libra: Antique Locket Necklace

For this Venus-ruled, fashion-forward sign, beauty is a big deal. Any jewelry that shows off your taste and style is a must. You’re a particular lover of one-of-a-kind pieces, but Libras are also natural romantics who proudly display their love to everyone around them. Express these traits with a vintage heart-shaped locket around a dainty gold chain, a personal keepsake that will be unique to you.

Scorpio: Body Piercings

Scorpios tend to be a sign of extremes, dark and mysterious or warm and affectionate, which makes them difficult to read. No matter what you do in life, you prefer to do it with a bit of drama and flair. You’re less likely to experiment with fashion for the sake of trends. You prefer to fully express yourself through your looks, thanks to your co-ruling planets Mars, the planet of passion, and Pluto, the planet of transformation. You like to make subtle statements that show your darker side, and body piercings are just the thing to stand out. Nose, lips, eyebrows—once you get started, Scorpio, you’ll want to get more and more! And with today’s jewelry that fastens to the body without piercing the skin, you have endless options to switch up your look whenever you please.

Sagittarius: Waist Beads

Fun-loving and adventurous, you’re all about making a statement. However, as a sign that’s always on the go, Sagittarius struggles with jewelry that is too bulky or gets in the way of your action-packed hobbies. Much like your personal relationships, the right jewelry for you will allow you to embrace your freedom and won’t have you feeling bogged down. “Waist beads are a great way to keep tabs on your active lifestyle without staying glued to your fitness tracker,” shares Schmidt-Johnson. “They’re also the perfect accessory for travel (no tech to lose!) and hide easily under your clothes when needed.” Not to mention these colorful accessories come in a variety of different colors and shapes to suit your unique style.

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Capricorn: Classic Chain Necklace

Whether attending a fancy dinner party or just heading to work, you’re always dressed to impress and love wearing luxurious jewelry. However, Capricorns typically don’t have time for all the fuss and mess of a jewelry box. You tend to be a mature and very status-conscious sign, so invest in something classic and tasteful. For a dramatic yet enchanting look, a timeless gold chain necklace is a sophisticated piece of jewelry that will last for decades with the right care and attention. It can be worn anywhere, with just about anything, making it the perfect piece of jewelry to keep you moving toward your goals.

Aquarius: Charming Anklet

As the rebel of the zodiac, you’re a lover of all things unusual and unexpected. You tend to wear colorful accessories that highlight your vibrant personality or interesting pieces that tell a story from your many travels. So the ideal piece of jewelry for you is something unique yet versatile that can be styled in several ways. Aquarius is the water bearer, and as such, rules the calves, feet, and ankles. Bring some intentional awareness to this part of your body with a charming anklet that’ll remind you to dip your toes in the water every now and again. “I would recommend choosing an amethyst charm to complete the look and enhance Aquarius’ drive for constant change,” says Castiglione

Pisces: Recycled Ocean Plastic Bracelet

As the chameleon of the zodiac, your style is incredibly fluid and you can move seamlessly from trend to trend (and rock every single one). You love to embrace your creative side, as well as your spiritual side, and you understand the importance of living your values. A bracelet made from recycled plastic trash found in the ocean both speaks to your inner nature lover and is a fashionable find. “Pisces are our dreamers, the ones with great hope for the future and an intuition for what’s coming next,” says Schmidt-Johnson. “Show the world that you mean business with a bracelet made from recycled ocean plastic. Saving the fish and saving the planet is a job well done!”