Best exfoliating body scrubs for smooth and soft skin

Whether you are about to head to an exotic far flung destination or looking to console your staycation blues with a flawless faux tan, preparation is key.

To achieve a flawless complexion with an even texture, you need to invest in a scrub. No matter what you were led to believe in TLC’s 1999 hit, this is a skincare essential. You most likely already own some sort of exfoliating product for your face – and your body deserves the same care and attention to leave it feeling silky soft and ready for the next step in your beauty routine.

Remove the dead skin cells, oils and impurities that can clog pores with formulas containing abrasive particles like coffee granules, shells, salts or sugars. There are options for every need – from gentle to deep exfoliants – and at all price points.

Apply on damp skin and buff in circular motions

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The Best Face Cleansing Brush for Every Skin Type and Budget

Let’s talk shop about face cleansing brushes: They first came onto the scene back in 2004 when Clarisonic introduced their sonic cleansing device, Mia. After steadily gaining immense popularity over the next couple of years, the market for them exploded with everyone from drugstores to luxury brands carrying them.

When used correctly, a face cleansing brush can give you a deeper clean and physically exfoliate dead skin cells, which is particularly helpful if you have overly oily or dry skin. “The problem is that people tend to use and care for them improperly, creating more skin problems than solutions,” says Joanne deLeon, senior skin therapist at Heyday L.A.

To get the most from your cleansing brush, deLeon recommends choosing softer bristles and using it once a day if your skin can tolerate it, and no more than two to three times a week if your skin is on the sensitive

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Can I book a massage and facial now? The spa treatments you can (and can’t) have

Back massage in a spa
Back massage in a spa

Since July 13, spa hotels across England have been welcoming guests back to their hygenically spruced thermal suites, socially distanced relaxation lounges and bookable outdoor pools. With the gradual reopening of spa facilities, some beauty treatments were permitted to resume – but not all of them – until recently. So where are we at now? What can we book and when? Here’s the latest lowdown on the well-deserved therapies for soothing our post-lockdown souls.

Can I get a massage?

In the era of working-from-home, laptop-hunching postures, the allure of a knot-busting massage is oh-so tempting. In June, a survey of 5,000 UK spa goers by The Good Spa Guide showed that 80 per cent of people would go to a spa straight away after lockdown, with almost half citing a massage as their top priority. Shortly after, the government announced that spas could resume some

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Treat your skin while shopping sustainably

The Independent/ iStock
The Independent/ iStock

The concept of circular beauty – making beauty products from ingredients and materials that would otherwise have gone to waste – is still a new one, but it’s full of promise.

Nearly five million tonnes of edible food goes to waste every year, according to the charity campaign Love Food Hate Waste. That’s enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall 90 times over!

Thanks to the sustainable lifestyle movement picking up pace, beauty brands have started to clock onto the need for greater environmental responsibility.

From body scrubs made with used coffee grounds to lip balms made with fruit juice pulp, beauty startups and mainstream brands alike are getting inventive with “rubbish”.

Most of our listed brands are not yet fully circular, but they are busy experimenting with byproducts and adding more circular beauty products to their lines all the time.

You’ll find some of the

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