7 Easy Summer 2022 Outfit Trends to Try This Season

I know, I know—we’ve only had about five days of sunshine so far this spring, but that’s enough to put me in summer mode. What can I say? I’m optimistic. Whatever happens between now and June, summer is inevitable, and I would like to be prepared when the opportunity to wear something fun without the need for a trench coat or knit presents itself. And knowing that you, our dear Who What Wear readers, are sartorially savvy, I have a hunch that your minds are also gravitating towards your summer outfits. Well, we’re in good company.

Just this week, it seems like every influencer I follow has also begun to hone their summer aesthetic (it’s the sun—I tell you), and in doing so, they’ve been serving up a fresh array of impressive outfits. Although I’m something of a minimalist, I’ve loved seeing more joyful colours and prints coming through. After all, what says summer more than tie-dye in sunset shades?

I’m so invested that I’ve already started saving down summer 2022 outfit trends I plan on trying over the course of the next few months. When I looked back at my latest slew of screenshots, I could see that seven such outfit trends kept cropping up. To see what they are and, of course, shop in case you’re missing any of the essentials you might need to re-create them, just keep scrolling.