Alo Yoga Is Launching Skincare

Alo Yoga needs no introduction. The LA-based activewear brand has amassed a cult following for its selection of luxe, comfortable, and stylish clothes you’d wear beyond the yoga mat (see: This pair of moto leggings numerous celebs love). I’ve personally been living in the cozy but supportive Goddess Legging all 2020 for at-home workouts and above-the-chest Zoom work calls (shh). Now, after taking over your wardrobe, the brand is coming for your beauty routine, too.

Today, December 8, Alo launched a vegan skincare line called Alo Glow System. The collection, ranging from $24 to $88, includes seven products across face and body all centered on one superfood ingredient popular in Ayurveda: Amla, aka Indian gooseberry. It is a powerful source of Vitamin C, which “is known for its potent antioxidant properties that help improve fine lines, build collagen, and even out pigmentation,” Tiffany Libby, MD, a New York City dermatologist tells Women’s Health. Think of it as added protection for your skin–both from environmental damage and signs of aging. “It’s essential for collagen production, which gives our skin support and structure to combat fine lines and wrinkles,” Dr. Libby says.

alo glow system

Alo Glow System’s complete lineup.


Also key to note: While the definition of “clean” skincare is not standardized, for those of you who err on the side of caution with conventional skincare ingredients, it’s formulated without parabens, phtalates, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial colors, dyes, synthetic fragrance, aluminum, PEGs, silicones, and propylene glycol.

Now, for what you really want to know: Do the products work? The full lineup includes an Enzyme Facial Cleanser ($32), Mega-C Body Wash ($24), Superfruit Body Lotion ($28) and Head-to-Toe Glow Oil ($48), but there are three standout items I got to try first–here are my first impressions.

Alo Glow System Luminizing Facial Moisturizer, $48

Luminizing Facial Moisturizer

Alo Yoga


Between bitter cold temps outdoors and my apartment radiator blasting indoors, winter is the worst time for my skin. My usually oily face gets terribly dry and flaky this season, so I crave a rich moisturizer.

This one definitely fits the bill at first touch. It has a whipped, creamy, and satisfyingly cushiony formula. Thanks to amla berry, avocado oil, and marula oil, my chapped skin felt bouncy and and looked visibly more plump after application. It dries down matte–not greasy–so you could definitely layer it under SPF for daytime (although the thickness of it makes me want to categorize it as more of a night cream!). Pro tip: A little nickel-sized dollop of this goes a long way!

I appreciate that there is truly zero scent in this product–nothing irks me more than a moisturizer that smells like a bottle of perfume. Heavily fragranced products tend to trigger dermatitis for me–so, if you also fall more on the sensitive skin side, this moisturizer could be a good one to try.

Alo Glow System Radiance Serum, $88

Radiance Serum

Alo Yoga


The priciest product on the lineup, this serum delivers a powerful boost of hydration. Upon application, it feels cooling on the skin–a welcome relief after a workout session when your whole body is burning up. I like the thickness of the serum–it’s not watery, but rather more of a syrup-y consistency. The clear liquid formulated with aloe feels soothing on contact and, thanks to hyaluronic acid, seemingly smoothes out fine lines.

You know that post-sweat, I-can-do-anything, radiant glow you get after doing difficult but rewarding exercise? That’s basically what you get in this bottle.

alo glow system

My skin after applying the Radiance Serum.


Alo Glow System Magnesium Reset Spray, $48

Magnesium Reset Spray

Alo Yoga


This mist feels like a cucumber iced towel on your skin. I especially enjoyed spraying it all over to cool down after a sweaty HIIT sesh. The star ingredient here is magnesium (45mg in three sprays, to be exact), which is known to be a super calming ingredient. “When you apply magnesium topically, it’s easier absorbed by the skin and can be beneficial for those suffering from rosacea or acne as it can reduce inflammation,” Marnie Nussbaum, MD, a New York dermatologist previously told WH. Even if you don’t have inflamed skin, the spray has an aromatherapy effect with a lovely, fresh scent that reminds me of going to a spa (a place I have seriously missed visiting this year of lockdown). I spray it on my sore limbs, too, and around my bed to help lull me to better recovery. Hello, beauty sleep.

The bottom line:

The products will seamlessly fit into your active lifestyle: It’s simple, no-fuss formulas friendly for minimalists and busy folk alike who don’t want to be layering 10 types of skincare. Only time will tell if these products give real results over continued use, but there’s no denying Alo’s first attempt at beauty is a solid one.

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