Bath And Body Routines That Make You Look And Feel Good From Day To Night

Long baths and showers are immensely underrated. The same goes for the body rituals that follow. It’s strange to think that we would be willing to spend $300 for face creams yet scrimp on nourishing oils for the body. Truth is, bath and body rituals ought to be the norm instead of being an occasional indulgence. There are countless benefits that go with an invigorating shower in the morning, energizing body oils before heading out for the day, and a relaxing bath by nighttime. Apart from hygiene, the rituals that nurture and nourish our bodies are essential for overall sense of wellness. It can awaken the senses, create a feeling of balance, ease nerves and tension.

Firm, Toned and Cellulite-Free

Our bodies change in countless ways as we age. While exercise is a great way to keep our bodies in shape, skin tends to be less supple and firm as time progresses. ADONIA ORGANICS Plant Collage Body Mist is a plant based body spritz that helps to boost natural collagen all over the body. It is a potion that I love to use as a compliment to daily workouts. Formulation helps to boost the body’s ability to produce collagen, which is responsible for keeping skin smooth and firm. The non-greasy, easily absorbed spray creates a youthful skin tone and texture.

You may also want to complement your Collagen Body Mist with ADONIA ORGANICS Legtone Serum. Utilizing organic plant stem cells that reduce the appearance of cellulite, this toning serum renders visible results by 47% within nine minutes from first application. Rosemary Verbenone boosts cell renewal while Neroli helps bring back skin elasticity. It also helps improve the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. The Legtone Serum is also great to use for arms and other parts of the body where there is cellulite.

The Miracle Marula Oil Shower

Many of us are in the habit of choosing a body wash and lotion based solely on scent. Oftentimes, we forget to look into ingredients or the sustainability practices that go into our bath and body products. MOO AND YOO’s MIRACLE LOTION and BODY WASH leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh without use of harmful fragrances. The company uses recyclable glass containers, which makes for a chic addition to the bath and body vanity shelf. Since getting into more mindful and sustainable beauty, plastics containers have become eye sores in the boudoir.

The Miracle Body Wash is blended with Marual Oil and Icelandic Moss, which act as an antioxidant. A soft powdery scent enhances that clean and fresh feeling after cleansing with the Miracle Body Wash. Following purification, the Miracle Body Lotion will help to revitalize skin, leaving a soft and nourished feel all day long. This duo is great to use for daily showers that set the tone for an amazing day.

Young, Fabulous and Polished at the Farmhouse

Just like facial skin, our bodies also need the regular exfoliation to scrub off dead skin cells. This allows for the skin to better absorb nutrients from hydrating creams, lotions or oils. During the winter, a scrub or body polish is recommended for addressing dry, flaky skin. FARMHOUSE FRESH Muscadine Moonshine Liquor Infused Body Polish is an intoxicatingly invigorating skin treat that helps to stimulate skin renewal. Formulated with Georgia muscadine grapes, sea salt and a small batch of Moonshine (distilled in Austin, Texas), this delicious body cocktail will leave skin feeling like silk. It’s delicious scent will also leave you wanting more—just as you would your favorite happy hour cocktail.

After a body polish, pamper skin with the Moondip Back To Youth Ageless Body Mousse. This light-as-air anti-aging body whip is formulated with fresh notes of winter mint, apple, amber and greens. It glides like clouds against skin without the greasy or sticky feel. Infusion of age defying peptides and retinol visibly improve appearance of skin especially when applied over necklines, arms, legs and chest. Ageless Body Mousse is the jar to keep on your bedside for a pre slumber self care treat.

An Undisturbed Staycation

CBD is a wonder ingredient for relaxation as well as alleviating pains and aches. It has also worked beautifully in soothing inflammation. THE FEELIST’s best-selling Staycation Detoxifying Salt Soak is a treat that the body will particularly enjoy after an intense workout. This purifying soak is formulated with Broad Spectrum CBD, Himalayan, Epsom and sea salts to soothe and relax the senses. Light a candle, enjoy a glass (or two or three) or Pinot and soak in all the goodness on a Friday night.

For a complete bath and body spa experience, top off your bath and body ritual with Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream. This restorative and relaxing cream is infused with an extra dose of Broad Spectrum CBD, essential oils and natural extracts that will ease lull you into your deepest slumber yet. This body cream is also idea for addressing inflammation and body cramps.

Magic at Midnight

Over the holidays, PINK MOON launched its very own calming body oil in small batches called Midnight Melody Body and Hair Oil. Since my very own bottle arrived, it’s been sitting on my bedside. This fresh, fragrance and clean formula of organic flower seed, apricot kernel and meadow foam is great for after a warm evening bath. Pat on slightly damp skin and allow to sink into skin. This will leave the surface feeling clean smooth and hydrated. You can also add a few drops into your bath for the most soothing bath after a long day of work from home. Essences of tuberose, ylang ylang, peppery wood and petit grain transport ease the senses into deep relaxation. What makes this the holy grail of oils is that you can also wear it as a hair oil or perfume. I love to massage this onto my scalp at night for hair that is soft, silky and revitalized.

Glow Like A Goddess

Self care rituals that leave you feeling and looking good are priceless. I particularly love pampering the body with oils and creams that help to amp confidence and sense of self. For years, oils that help create that glow from within radiance have been my go-to everything I set out to paint the town red. HIGH ON LOVE’s Dry Body Oil is a gem that nourishes and illuminates skin. This non-greasy, cannabis seed oil formula softens and hydrates skin without the unwanted shine. For optimum results, apply all over the body. You may also use this for hair. Gently massage to allow the oils to soak. Tip: Use this body oil just before putting on that slip dress you’ve been waiting to wear for a special night out on town.

The Truth About Dry Brushing

It was only very recently when my good friend and health guru Chechel Joson suggested I add dry brushing to my wellness routine. “It exfoliates from dead skin and boosts lymphatic drainage,” she explained. “Skin is also visibly smoother and silkier after dry brushing.” A few days following the conversation, ROSE BUD’s Perfect Skin Brush arrived in the mail as on cue. Made using sustainably sourced sisal and beeechwood that paddle is firm enough to render maximum results even with light pressure. The key to dry brushing is to work towards the lymph nodes near the armpits and groin area. Start with a five-minute brushing routine and extend as the days progress. Follow your dry brushing routine with a warm (not hot0 shower) using a gentle body cleanser. Other benefits of brushing include: detoxification and better immune function. Tip: Try a quick dry brushing session just before a post-workout shower to feel completely energized in the mornings.

Soak, Disconnect and Breathe

Flu and allergy season has many of us looking for ways to ease and soothe discomforts from sneezing, sniffles and congestion. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils are great natural remedies now occupying prime real estate by the bedside. I’ve also recently added a calming and clearing eucalyptus bath treatment with PURSOMA’s Just Breathe Ritual to the current routine. This highly therapeutic French Grey Sea Salt concoction, infused natural essential oils gives sinuses relief and supports immune strength. After 20 minutes of undisturbed me-time immersed in this ritual, mind and body emerges energized and feeling brand new.