Britney Spears wears 5 Euphoria outfits on Instagram

There’s something about the fashion in Euphoria that really captures the imagination, huh? From inspiring viral TikTok trends to causing certain pink swimsuits to gain 500 person waitlists, we really can’t get enough of the show and its kickass style. And it seems we’re not alone – celebrities are also leaning into the East Highland High School ~aesthetic~.

Earlier this year, Megan Fox channelled the show in fashion form, sharing the outfit she’d wear if she was an ‘AP Literature teacher’ in the show. Of course, it was totally fire and not at all what we’d expect to see a teacher wear, but ain’t that the beauty of Euphoria? The style may not be super realistic, but it is incredible. Now, Britney Spears has just gone and dressed up as not one, but FIVE different characters from the award-winning show.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, Britney models a slew of different outfits with a couple of very notable character tributes, along with what seems to be a few new character suggestions. “Who would I play best 🤔🤔🤔 ???” she asks her fans in the caption and I already love everything about this. So let’s unpack her looks, shall we?

First up is a floral mini dress with a statement white collar, which she describes as “I’m the director of the play Our life on Euphoria”. Brit finishes the Lexi-esque look with pink ponytails for added cutesy vibes. Next up is a very hot pink bikini, captioned “I’m Sally! Helping my boyfriend on the grill … Come on over yall!!”. Then, we have the red bodycon number designed for going out out. “I’m 22 and I go clubbing at Velcros every night” writes Britney. We’re almost there! Next up is a jeans and a nice top combo which she describes as “Assistant of CEO”. But she’s gone and saved the best look for last, wearing a tribute to Cassie’s daring pink cutout swimsuit with the teaser “Can you guess who I am?”.

What a time to be alive. See all the looks for yourself here:

Fans were loving the content, with some even calling for the star to cameo on the show. Hey, stranger things have happened – remember the rumoured Tom Holland guest appearance?

Iconic Behaviour yet again


I love you so much, you are the queen ♥️


ICONIC! We need you as a guest in Euphoria 😍👏🔥

We need Britt In euphoria!!

BRB, starting a petition to get Britney on Euphoria.

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