Do Norwegians prefer PlayStation or Xbox: The Truth!

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Competition in the trendy gaming console market has existed for decades. The three big companies which dominate this market are; Microsoft with its Xbox Series, Sony with its PlayStation 5, and Nintendo with its handheld switch console. These gaming consoles have achieved immense popularity, which is evident from their sales amounting to millions.

While all three companies are prominent contributors to gaming in Norway, Sony’s Playstation takes the distinguished lead. Studies claim that the PS5 is the most searched console in Norway among 20 European countries. This clearly shows that Norwegians prefer Playstation over Xbox. 

Why is Microsoft not leading Norwegian’s gaming charts?

There may be various reasons for this particular preference. One of them is that Microsoft paid more attention to developing multiplayer games as it believed they were the gaming industry’s future. Sony, however, foresaw single-player games attracting more audiences and released numerous of these, such as Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, God of War, Horizon, and many more. These are the games that marked the bestsellers on the Playstation 4. This also proved that the majority of the users chose to play single-player games.  Norwegian reviews demonstrate that its people enjoy playing the Playstation over the Xbox. This difference has made Playstation the more popular gaming software in Norway.

Availability of games on Xbox and PlayStation!

Another primary reason in this context is the number of games available on gaming consoles. Playstation outnumbers Xbox when it comes to this aspect. When a customer is searching for consoles and wants to decide between the two most famous ones, he undoubtedly opts for one with more games to choose from. This factor is directly related to the two companies’ policy of game-making. Sony prioritized handing out more games on its Playstation. It contracted new game publishers to broaden the range of games to attract more purchasers. However, Microsoft stuck to the pioneer game publishers that could not develop more games than the Playstation company. 

It is true that when Xbox was newly released, it sold out within a few days and created a worldwide uproar as everyone rushed to get their hands on it. But as the excitement settled, people returned to using the Playstation, and demand for it grew exponentially.

Should you buy an Xbox or a PlayStation?

Well, both the consoles are pretty good, but of course, PlayStation leads the competition due to some of its aspects. Be it the value for money, games availability, quality offered, and the frame rates, PS is a good choice for gamers.

But it doesn’t really mean that you should take Xbox out of the list, as it is cheaper and comes with better gaming deals that you might save a lot of money on. In the end, it depends on your preferences to pick one between these.


With more than one gaming console brand available in stores, customers have different choices based on demands and preferences. While some are very particular about the hardware and physical features, others want a gaming experience that keeps them entertained by giving them countless games to play. 

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