Facebook Dating Applications – How to Use Facebook to Attract Women

Ever since I wrote the first book on how to meet women on Facebook back in 2007 I have been fascinated as to how an average guy (like me) can use Facebook to meet women. Facebook now has approximately 200 million members and I’m guessing if you’re a member then many of your friends are too. There are probably even thousands of single women in your area that are not part of your immediate network that would be fantastic potential mates.

Now there are a few potential tools which can help you locate these women in your area, the five most popular Facebook applications for meeting singles are:

1. Zoosk
Online dating site Zoosk has created an interesting application which allows you to connect with women in your local area. The brilliant is brilliant but can be a bit spammy at times, otherwise this is probably the best Facebook dating app out.

2. Are You Interested?
A tad obvious you might suggest, but why not through it out there is the fun way this application goes about finding out if your interested… At least your no what the score is!

3. Best Match
Best match is a compatibility matchmaker. For me matchmakers are always hit or miss as sometimes likes attracted and other times opposites attract, either way its worth giving it a good and you might find some good options out of it. Either way it makes for some interesting conversation openers, it always pays to be a little bit little hearted. While commonalities are a good way to introduce the social interaction relying on them is a bad crutch that should be removed from your “game”. Chemistry and connection are much more important than commonalities no matter what some relationship experts might suggest. Ask any attractive single woman this question and they will agree.

4. Flirt Wall
Okay this application is kind of stupid but it is good for practicing your online flirting and conversation techniques. Most of the women using this application are bored and love the attention you give them. The application allows you to flirt with people anonymously however be walled internet flirting like this is usually a waste of time. It’s always important to make sure your online interactions are moving towards an offline connection.

5. Most Eligible Single
This application tries to discover the most eligible bachelorettes in your network and local area. Make sure you don’t vote to show your interest in them. Do something much more constructive and get in contact with them. Tell them you don’t believe the hype but are curious about them.

Remember Facebook isn’t a sleazy pick up joint and you’ll usually be interacting with someone who knows someone you know. While emailing and interacting with tonnes of women can increase your success rate at meeting someone there is a much easier way to have a better chance of meeting someone through Facebook.

The easiest way to have a higher success rate at following through to meet a sex woman is too invite her to a social event you will have a mutual friend at or that you have a mutual interest in. There are plenty of Facebook Groups which have regular meet ups from groups on blogging, photography, food and fine, fashion, movies and many other genres. Its a good idea to attend some of these and see how they work and meet some new people. The best way to position yourself is obviously to create your own group in your local area. Women are attracted to leaders and it also gives them an excuse to talk to you when they attend the meetup and you have a common interest so the initial conversation will be less awkward.

It really can be as easy as noticing a woman has a mutual interest and then after a bit of back and forwards flirting between the two of you sending her a message saying something along the lines of “Hey I noticed you are a keen landscape photographer, I run a photography group which gets together once a month. We’re going to Clear Mountain this weekend you should come join us.”

Truly proficient online dating expert friends of mine have noticed that the women most commonly attending singles events and looking to meet people are people from overseas and women who have relocated because of work. Typically women usually stick to meeting men through their social circles however when your in a new city or country you are forced to rebuild your social circle. Many guys like myself have experienced the same situation where we’ve either moved or had no suitable potential mates in our social circle to go out with or in my situation both! Remember stick to it and keep trying and improving yourself, there is someone out there for all of us!

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