Get Paid For Writing Product Reviews Online – Earn Money Online by Leaving Your Opinion on Products

Everyone has their own opinion and views on products or items, which they are perfectly entitled to; no matter how strange or different that they may be. Now there are websites available on the Internet that pay people to leave their opinions on specific products.

These websites contain a huge database of products; from household items like shampoo and crisps, to other electrical goods such as CD and DVD players. The website has an individual page for each of these thousands of products, and you are able to get paid to write a review on any of these products/services.

You can usually earn around 4 or 5 pounds per review written on the paid to review website, and this amount can be greatly increased if your review is of a very good quality; in which case it will be awarded part of a prize fund at the end of the month, which usually means an extra 10 pounds or so for your review. It is quite hard to receive the prize fund money though; your review has to be of a very high standard. Usually 15 people or so will be awarded part of the prize fund money every month, so it’s definitely achievable.

Every time a member of the paid reviews website clicks on to one of your review and then gives it a rating, you will earn some money – usually a few pence. However there are millions of members at these paid to review websites, and so if you can get a lot of people to read and rate your reviews then you will be able to earn far more money then usual. Getting lots of people to read and rate your review is the best way to earn money on the review site, and so it pays to have a lot of friends on the website.

The process of joining a free paid review website is very simple and straightforward, and within minutes you too can be earning money online writing product reviews. The hardest part of doing the above is actually finding a website which will pay you to write product reviews; they are quite rare at the moment. I am an active member of two paid review websites, both of which were free to join and use. The best thing about joining two review sites is that any review I write on one site can be copied and pasted onto the second review site – thus doubling my earnings.

After finding a free paid to review website and submitting the sign up form, all you need to do is login to that website and decide on a product to review. You can write the review or you can submit a video review if you have access to a digital camera. After finding the product on the website and submitting a review, you will have to try and get people to read and rate the review. The easiest way of doing this is by going to the Member Center section on the website, and reading/rating/commenting on other users’ product reviews. Usually they will feel obliged to return the favour to you, and so will read and rate your reviews too. This is the best way to make friends on the paid review sites, and this is how you can earn money from your reviews.

The paid review websites I use at the moment both have a member-points system. You can earn community points for submitting a new product review, and for rating or commenting on other users’ product reviews. There is a colour scheme that runs along side the points system, with the amount of community points earned coinciding with the colour of that member. White is the beginner’s colour, which shows that the member is either new or not very talented at writing reviews. Gold is the highest colour in the community point’s rankings scheme, and if a member has a gold blob next to his username then it means he is a very established and talented product reviewer.

Not only does a powerful colour ranking mean you have instant respect but it also means that you will no doubt get more friends or review reads, which will in turn earn you more money.

Any earnings accumulated from writing product reviews at the website is tracked and logged in your online account page, and so any member can instantly track all their earnings directly on the website. Once you have earned a certain amount of money (usually at least 15 pounds) then you will be able to request a cash in. This is done from the member account page on the website, and you can usually receive your earnings in online gift vouchers for the Amazon store (these can be sold for nearly 100% of their value at an online site like Ebay) or you can be paid by BACS with the money going directly to your bank account. I normally get paid by bank transfer, as this is the simplest and easiest way to get paid online in my opinion. The website is very secure and I have never encountered any problems when being paid my review earnings.

Earning money online from free paid review websites is a must for all people either interested in earning some extra cash online, developing or showcasing their product reviewing/writing skills, or perhaps even for people interested in making some new and interesting friends.

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