How-To Clean Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet is something that should be don’t quite frequently. Us women go shopping for a lot of different occasions such as needing an outfit for an event, something to do with the girls or something to do with free time, and something to do when you are stressed out… most commonly known as ‘retail therapy’. Now, if we are going to do all this shopping we have to make room in our closets (especially because trends are constantly changing and we do not wear all our clothes as much as we should). In today’s post I am going to go over the best way to clean out your closet, what and what not to get rid of, a few other tips and tricks in between and what to do with the clothing you do not want anymore. Buckle up, its going to be a long ride!
The most common mistakes we make when cleaning out our closets are getting rid of the basics. This is something we have to learn not to do. We look at a basic white t-shirt and assume it is taking up space because it is so basic. Well… you are wrong. Basic clothing is the most important when it comes to our wardrobe because we can wear it with anything. Basic clothing items are what actually helps us make our cute outfits and tie them together. Also, when feeling lazy we can throw on our white t-shirt and the tenth pair of black leggings we own and call it a day! On another note, when I say “basics”, I also am talking about the not so basics but items we use under jackets or when it is colder outside. Turtle necks, tank tops, long sleeve t-shirts or even scarves are great to keep. Although it may seem like multiple turtle necks are not necessary, they are because they work great in the winter. A little side note is it necessary to replace underwear after a while. I personally replace underwear at least twice a year. If a pair is in great condition then it is okay to keep, but there will be a few pairs that are not worth keeping and to just toss them and replace them. When it comes to shoes they have a longer shelf life. For example, a black pair of pumped heels are good to keep because they go with many different outfits whereas peep-toe shoes with a 2-inch platform are good to toss because you would want to avoid wearing those as much as possible.
When it comes to getting rid of a lot of items it becomes tricky to decide which ones to toss. Most commonly, the ones we get rid of are the ones we have duplicates of which is not a bad thing. The ones we want to avoid getting rid of are jeans and basics. The ones we do in fact want to get rid of are the multiple white button down shirts we have of the same color. At least get ride of one, two or even three of them (unless you are a business woman I must say). Also, the clothing that is sitting in the back of your closet and has been worn three times in the last few years need to go. It is actually taking up more valuable space than you think and if you haven’t worn it than you do not need it! Another good tip to remember is to not keep things that you hope will go back into style. For example bandage dresses… get rid of them. They should never come back in style! Also, if you have one dress that you wear to every wedding or cocktail party, it may be time to toss it and replace it with a new one. It is okay to have a dedicated outfit to events like those but after a few years (or two or three weddings), it is time to get a new updated outfit. Last but not least, holding onto clothes that do not make you feel great when wearing them should be tossed. Why wear clothes that don’t make you feel confident and beautiful? There is no reason to do that. Now that you’ve gotten rid of the clothes that are useless you have more space to fill your closet with better clothes!
Now that you’ve cleaned out your closet there are a few options to what you do next with the clothing. First, you can donate them which is my favorite choice. Taking items to Goodwill or The Salvation Army makes everyone feel good. The best part about taking clothes to these stores is that if the clothing is damaged or not well enough to be sold, they recycle them and turn it into new textiles or even insulation. Another option is to offer them to friends who may need them. The last option is to sell the clothing that is in good condition to a store like Plato’s Closet. Plato’s Closet is a bit strict on the clothing they receive because they do not accept clothes with holes, rips, tears, stains etc. But the clothing they do accept, will be offered cash for which is always a plus side.
Now that you know what items to get rid of and not to get rid of and what to do with the clothing you are not keeping… cleaning out your closet should be a whole lot easier! Cleaning your closet can actually be therapeuticall and fun as well. Turn on your favorite music and jam out while organizing. I know it is difficult to get rid of clothes you have had for so long, sentimental clothes or clothes that you may think you will need (but not really). Just know that when organizing and tossing clothes it leaves more room for new clothes that are more in style and will be put to more use! I hope this helped! Good luck Fashionistas.

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