HYPETALKS: Art of Storytelling by Fashion Week Photographers

HYPEBEAST dives deeper into the world of fashion week and the moments seen around the world at the industry’s most hectic and action-packed event. Spanning four cities around the world in New York City, London, Milan and Paris, the major fashion weeks bring together a diverse group of creatives to showcase their best works. Photographers worldwide travel to these cities to capture a moment in time, playing a part in fashion history.

The upcoming HYPETALKS panel will give industry onlookers a glimpse of what it is like during the most highly anticipated weeks in fashion. Moderated by Joyce Li, Associate Editor at HYPEBEAST, the talk will focus on discussing the art of storytelling through the perspective of those behind the lens during fashion week.

Jeremy French is a freelance photographer based in Paris. He frequents the major European fashion weeks, notably Milan and Paris fashion week, shooting street style for publications including NSS Magazine and HYPEBEAST. Jeremy defines himself as a creative who takes inspiration from the cultures and people around him, always looking for opportunities to expand his artistic horizons globally. He has previously worked at Seoul Fashion Week and recently completed a creative stint in Thailand.

Marc-Henri Ngandu hails from the city of Lyon and is currently based in London. While Marc-Henri has traveled extensively between fashion weeks in London, Milan, Paris and Seoul, he is a far cry from your typical photographer. His infectious energy has made him the face of Selfridge’s “The Yellow Drop” series, where he gives the world an inside look at the creative process behind fashion. With a passion to bridge Asian brands with the Western market, he is an acting creative consultant for NAMESAKE.

Momo Angela is based in Tokyo and had her early beginnings as a photographer with fashion week street style. Over time, she developed a unique and ethereal style of film shooting that finds gracefulness in the chaos of fashion week. When she is not globetrotting, she focuses on music photography, shooting for major Japanese artists including Mademoiselle Yulia, Ryukku to Soine Gohan and (sic)boy. She has also worked with major brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein and Crocs.

Simbarashe Cha is an NYC-based photographer. When it comes to fashion and portrait photography, it is hard to overlook this photographer’s keen eye. While Simbarashe’s work takes him to fashion week to capture noteworthy moments and people within and around the industry, his sole mission is to look for the unexpected. Through his style and many seasons traveling the major fashion weeks, Simbarashe has first-hand experience and knowledge of the everchanging world of fashion week. His work can be found in major publications including the New York Times and GQ.

Tune in to HYPETALKS: The Art of Storytelling Behind the Lens of Fashion Week on Tuesday, May 3 at 9 a.m. ET, via HYPEBEAST on Twitter Spaces.