I’m a fashion expert – the eight outfits that make you look cheap and tacky in an instant

THERE ARE some looks that are great for every occasion.

And there are some that should never pass your front door, at least according to this fashion expert.

There are some trends that just scream tacky


There are some trends that just scream tackyCredit: Instagram

Anna Bey is a fashion and elegance whizz who’s an expert on all things posh.

She recently shared some of the outfits that make you look cheap and tacky, and some of them might surprise you.

The denim shorts and crop top combo is one that the fashion lover can’t stand.

She said: “I think it’s too revealing, I think it shows too much skin, and I don’t like to get that intimate with people.”

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The visible thong trend is one that’s made a comeback in a major way, but it’s super tacky according to Anna.

She explained: “If you’re striving for elegance you definitely need to stay away from this trend.”

Ditch the neon as well if you want your outfits to look expensive, “It’s the opposite of classic, minimal and discrete,” she says.

And don’t even think about putting on an oversized blazer next time you go out.

Using champion of the oversized blazer trend, Haley Bieber, as an example, the fashion lover explained why the look isn’t the best.

“It looks very disproportional and not very flattering because it widens her, makes her look heavier and like she’s put on weight,” Anna said.

Speaking oversized, shapeless “balloon” style dressers are “another style that just make you look worse.”

Not only that but Converse shoes are as basic as it gets, the elegance whizz explained.

She said: “To me they look too casual and not very attractive.

“The reasons for this are quite simple, first of all they cut off your legs and that’s not flattering for anyone, unless you want to have an optical illusion of shorter legs.”

If you want to look classy this spring and summer, stay away from the cut outs too.

“I don’t think the cut-out trend was created for the general public,” Anna insisted.

“Because the general public has got love handles.

“And oftentimes, you have the cut-outs exactly where your love handles are, and it’s just not flattering. 

“But if the cut-outs are not necessarily there, but somewhere else, I feel definitely there are some nice looking dresses with cut-outs that you can absolutely wear and still be elegant. 

“But then there are many dresses that just take this trend a little bit too far when it looks quite tacky.”

Finally, there’s nothing less elegant than tie-dye.

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“It’s a trend that makes you look incredibly unsophisticated,” she confessed.

“I don’t think it will elevate you whatsoever,” she continued.

It's hard to make neon look expensive, Anna says


It’s hard to make neon look expensive, Anna saysCredit: Instagram
The big blazer trends isn't all it's made out to be either


The big blazer trends isn’t all it’s made out to be eitherCredit: Instagram
Tie dye always looks very childish and cheap, Anna says


Tie dye always looks very childish and cheap, Anna saysCredit: Instagram