Kids of Cosplay combines the ordinary and extraordinary in striking photobook

The debut book by London-based photographer Thurstan Redding is an exploration into the world of cosplay like you’ve never seen before. Extraordinary outfits are photographed in the most ordinary of places creating a series that blurs the lines between fiction and fashion. Kids of Cosplay is the accumulation of three years of work, which all started by a chance encounter.

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a book, film or videogame. It’s hugely popular all over the world, and every year comic conventions (or “cons”) attract hundreds if not thousands of fans, all keen to show off their detailed, often handmade outfits. Popular cosplay characters include the Incredible Hulk, Stormtroopers, Deadpool and Superwoman, but the list of who you could go as is pretty much endless.

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CPO3 – the humanoid robot from Star Wars (Image credit: Thurston Redding from Kids of Cosplay)

Redding was first introduced to cosplay on the streets of LA, and then a few months later on the DLR in London. Intrigued by the attention to detail and the sense of community surrounding cosplay, in 2018 he attended ComicCon in London with casting director Finlay MacAulay.