Peels help everyone put their best faces forward | Local News

Our face is like a weathervane – it should reflect our mood but sometimes shows a different picture. Getting asked if you are mad or tired can be irritating, especially if that is not how you are feeling. It is hard to put your best face forward when you don’t recognize it in the mirror anymore. If your reflection is showing someone far older and more exhausted than you would like, Dr. Diane Bowen and the staff at Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery can help.

Dr. Diane Bowen is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 20 years. Her office, Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, is a tranquil facility complete with an on-site surgical suite and medical spa on St. Simons Island, in the Gascoigne Bluff area. Dr. Bowen and her staff are passionate about providing personalized “whole person” rejuvenation treatments for their patients. Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery offers services that include surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation for the face and body.

“More and more patients are looking for rejuvenation that requires little to no down time. They want their outside to reflect how young they feel on the inside” said Dr. Bowen.

To achieve comprehensive rejuvenation, it is important to assess skin texture and tone first. One of the efficient treatments we offer to achieve healthy skin texture and tone for the face and neck is a chemical peel. According to Dr. Bowen, “Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It reflects stressors like sun exposure, smoking and hormonal changes. Your skin, like your teeth, requires daily care to keep it at its optimal appearance and health. Also like your teeth, your skin would benefit from a periodic deep cleaning like a chemical peel.”

Resurfacing and restoring the skin with chemical peels were introduced in the 19th century by an Austrian dermatologist. Unfortunately, chemical peels have a bad reputation, but they have come a long way since then. If someone says chemical peel and you automatically think of the “Sex in the City” episode where Samantha’s face looks like Freddy Kruger and she must wear a fascinator with a net covering her face while she is out in public, then chances are you haven’t heard of all the advancements in the facial aesthetics arena.

Not all peels are created equal. At Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery we offer a wide range of chemical peels, called VI Peels, that are suitable for all skin types and various skin conditions. If you have been looking for a pick-me-up before the holidays or are not happy with the face you are seeing during your Zoom meetings, this is a perfect solution to get healthy looking skin without pain and with minimal downtime.

The most popular questions we get asked all the time at Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery are “how much does a chemical pPeel hurt” and “how scary am I going to look.”

Introducing VI Peel! The VI Peel represents the next generation in chemical peels. Each treatment is virtually pain-free, with results in as little as seven days. Unique from other peels, the VI Peel nurtures the skin with vitamins and minerals during the exfoliation process. VI Peels have a unique blend of five acids designed to target multiple skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, large pores and acne. Blended peels are superior to single acid peels. The VI Peel is also safe for all skin types – and did we mention the best part – it’s painless! It has also been proven to accelerate the results of other facial rejuvenation treatments such as laser, micro-needling and injectables like Botox. The VI Peel makes having a facial rejuvenation treatment easy with no skin preparation time, minimal downtime, and a take home kit that includes essential products for the treatment’s success, ensuring optimal and lasting results.

There are various strengths of the VI Peel that help to target various skin conditions. To determine what is the ideal VI Peel for you, we encourage you to complete a consultation with us to create a personalized treatment plan to meet your individualized needs. First time peeler? Not to worry, the basic VI Peel is gentle yet effective and can be used on even the most sensitive of skin types. This peel is formulated to soften fine lines and wrinkles, restore a more even skin tone, smooth away rough skin, and reduce age spots and sun damage. For the advanced peeler who has tough skin and has tried them all, we offer a Precision Plus VI Peel with powerful booster ingredients to deliver rejuvenation results leaving you with radiant healthy skin.

Dealing with the “maskne” problem? Disposable masks, cloth masks, bandanas – everyone has their favorite facial covering, but in the end we are all prone to experiencing a maskne breakout. Moisture, sweat and dirt get trapped in the face mask and clog the pores, allowing bacteria to flourish. Picking at the breakout further irritates the skin and damages the underlying tissue, leading to acne scarring. VI Purify Peel is a great solution when dealing with any acne but especially with maskne. It contains benzoyl peroxide to inhibit oil production and allows for optimal peel penetration, hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and irritation and hydroquinone to lighten dark spots caused by picking and acne scars.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website at or give our office a call and the friendly staff will be happy to schedule you a comprehensive consultation that will include discussing your rejuvenation goals and together we will create the most optimal treatment plan for you. Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery is located at 1015 Arthur J. Moore Drive, St. Simons Island, GA 31522. The phone number is 912-634-1993.