Personalize Your Own Save The Date Cards

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Hey You finally saved the wedding date! So just share your feelings and memories with your loved ones,friends and family members by creating and customizing the save the date cards with the help of BasicInvite In this way you can send your friends the wedding date clearly with memorable words and love.

One of the attributes of a wedding is  an invitation card , an invitation card can be a reflection of how the wedding will be carried out, therefore invitation cards also need to be prepared properly so that information about your wedding can be conveyed, don’t let your happy moment be damaged just because of an invitation card, see tips for choosing a card the following invitation.

1. Adjust to  the wedding theme , once again the invitation card can reflect what your wedding party will be like, an interesting theme will certainly make invited guests more enthusiastic about attending your happy day.

2. Discuss  the invitation card design  both with your prospective companion and both family parties, don’t let a commotion occur just because of the invitation card problem, of course it is very undesirable.

3. There are various choices of invitation cards with different price variances, good quality invitation cards do not always have to be expensive, and vice versa, cheap  invitation cards  do not always mean rushed quality, choose an invitation card with good quality and the right price, but more importantly, adjust to the budget. You can order it at our place, Kedai Graphic.

4. You need to have several wedding invitation letter vendor references in   order to get a comparison and be able to choose which one best suits your wedding theme and budget, the more dining options the better, but if you and your partner are busy people then you can access them online in several wedding vendor marketplaces just click on rustic save the dates.

5. It is not only the physical appearance of  the invitation card  that is important, the information in it is no less important, make sure the important message is conveyed clearly such as who the bride and groom and the bride’s family are, don’t let the recipient of the invitation letter confuse who is getting married what if one day – the day the bride and groom’s nickname is not the real name, therefore it is better to include a nickname, information on where the wedding location is also very important, include a complete location plan so that invited guests do not get lost. And don’t choose a font that’s hard to read, choose a font that’s not only good but also clear.

6. When it is going to be printed, check your wedding invitation card carefully so you don’t find an error when it is printed, you certainly don’t want to pay for reprinting, things will get worse when the error in the invitation is only realized after the invitation card is distributed, because this has the potential to be annoying and even ruin your happy day, so make sure everything is correct before printing it