QAnon Follower Accused of Killing Kids Speaks Out in Jailhouse Letter: ‘I Was Deceiving Myself’

The California surfer dad accused of stabbing his two younger children to loss of life with a spearfishing gun is now speaking out about his QAnon beliefs.

Matthew Coleman, 40, appeared to have a ideal everyday living. He normally gushed about his wife Abby, toddler son Kaleo and child woman Roxy. 

But very last August, he quickly remaining dwelling and took his little ones to Mexico, where by he allegedly killed them following turning out to be persuaded they carried “serpent DNA” and would “mature into monsters.”

Coleman mentioned he was “enlightened by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories.”

Now Coleman claims he is coming to conditions with his delusions.

In a jailhouse letter obtained by Folks Journal, Coleman wrote, “I was deceiving myself. I know now that the [reptile] DNA factor was a delusion in my individual intellect. I made myself believe that a little something that was not there.”

“I would say that Matthew Coleman has regrets,” Individuals Journal author Steve Helling tells Within Edition. “And he is expressing regrets when he’s composing other folks. These regrets are that he didn’t shell out much more time with his loved ones, that he put in so a lot time studying these information boards.”

Helling says the father is now making an attempt to sort out his thoughts about the murders.

“I really do not know that he understands pretty however the extent and the depth of how delusional some of the things he was believing were, but he is getting there,” Helling mentioned.

Coleman has pleaded not guilty. 

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