Shopping at Muay Thai Gym in Thailand

Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

Are you interested in taking Muay Thai sessions in Thailand? Well, you are the lucky one to step into the world of fitness and health. Despite this being a real hard training, it is still considered as one of the most practiced exercises around the world, and that is due to its amazing health benefits. No doubt you might be nervous because this is a new experience that you are going to practice in a whole different country. So, there is something that some of you might neglect, and that is Muay Thai sport wears shopping. Yes, if you are going to practice at Muay Thai gym, then it is really necessary that you should wear a proper outfit for that.  

Things to Consider 

Now there are a few things that you should consider regarding sport wears shopping that you should check for the cloth quality, and design, because if it is of low quality or bad design, then this might not be a good start for you to push yourself for future training. So, first thing comes first, and that you should know that both men and women have a separate style for their outfits, including Muay Thai shorts and tops. As for men, they can either wear a tee or simply a vest, and even topless. As for them, it does not matter that if they wear a top or not, it all depends on their comfort level. As for Muay Thai shorts, it is really necessary for them to wear long enough to cover their thighs but short enough to let them easily move their legs.  

Selection for Female Sportswear 

On the other hand, when it comes to female sport wears then it is obvious they cannot go topless, so they have to choose between a sports bra, too, or a simple sports vest depending on their comfort. As for shorts, they have to wear a bit smaller than the ones worn by a male, and it is for their own comfort and ease of moving legs and landing a hard kick. Now coming out of shorts and tops, there are a few other items as well to complete Muay Thai gear. Boxing gloves are also another important part of your Muay Thai training. Obviously, at the training gym or camp, you will be provided with a pair, but remember that it has been used several times before, and sometimes they are not cleaned regularly so that they might contain bacterial infection due to sweat.  

Muay Thai Sports Gear 

Now the best option you have is to purchase your own pair and try that no one else uses them during training sessions. After that, ankle guards are another important Muay Thai sport wears because, without them, you might end up hurting your feet or ankle during kicks. So, these guards provide you firm support for your joints, just in case if your kick was harder than you expected, then the joint does not dislocate. This was a short guide for a startup towards your Muay Thai sport wears shopping, and if you follow all the above points, then without any doubt, you are all set to start a healthy lifestyle. You can check at for good price from a real Muay Thai gym in Thailand and there is many Muay Thai sportswear.