Why balms are the unsung beauty hero you need this winter

Just the word ‘balm’ evokes feelings of relaxation for me. And if there’s one unsung hero in skincare that I’ve recently rediscovered, it’s this humble product. They can be used to supercharge your skincare routine or rubbed into tired and sore muscles – which is particularly useful today, given it’s the London Marathon. 

Balms are dense blends – usually made up of fatty oils – which help to keep the skin supple but also give enough slip for a really good face or body massage.

Let’s start with face balms for skincare. If you’re not keen on using face oils at night, try a balm instead. Take a pinky fingernail-sized blob of face balm, warm through your fingers and massage on to the skin after cleansing. Usually the high oil content means you’ll get the ‘ahh’ factor, thanks to delicious-smelling aromatherapy. 

The nutrient-dense ingredients really help protect and soothe the

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5 Russian winter clothing brands to look out for

1. Vatnique

Since the war, every Soviet household had at least one quilted or padded jacket hanging in the wardrobe. Made of simple cotton, they symbolized the era of warm and, above all, cheap outerwear.

Today, these items are in vogue with fans of the post-Soviet style, which appears every now and then on the catwalk. 

St. Petersburg designers Kirill and Alexei (who do not reveal their last names) decided to tap the mass market by sewing universal quilted jackets of different colors in three sizes depending on height. Each new jacket is good for temperatures as low as -15°C (5°F) and individually created based on landscapes from around the world — from St. Petersburg itself to California.

“The inspiration for our new autumn palette was a trip to some friends’ dacha outside St. Petersburg. We wanted to convey, through colors and fabric textures, the sensations of fluffy moss covered

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Beat ‘Dry January’ skin with moisturizers to survie winter

“Dry January” isn’t just about the booze. It’s time to put down the hard stuff and pick up a different sort of bottle this winter — a bottle of moisturizer to be specific.

With the onset of the coldest months of the year, your skin and hair can take a beating.

The weather outside is increasingly frigid, and chances are the dry air circulating in your locked-down apartment isn’t doing your skin any favors, either.

Dry skin can affect your whole body, from chapped lips to cracked heals — so luckily there are skincare products out there that can help from head to toe.

To help support soft and well cared for skin in 2021, check out the remedies below, ranging from face masks (the spa kind, not the pandemic ones) to steamers and creams to bring a dewy glow back to your face in the new year.

A tub of Olay face cream


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