The 10 Best Travel-Friendly Face and Body Masks, Gels And Peels

Face masks have come a long way since their origins in India, when they were used in Ayurvedic rituals 5,000 years ago. Because today, there’s formulas that address every skincare concern imaginable, from dullness to dryness. They also now come in various shapes to treat specific body parts, like your neck and feet. And if you’re someone who’s frequently on the road? There’s countless versions perfect for traveling, too.

So ahead, 10 notable sheet masks, eye gels, and face peels – listed from spendiest to most affordable – to pack on your next trip.

Noble Panacea The Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask, $310

Launched this month by the science-driven brand founded by Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart, this groundbreaking treatment mask is intended for night use to align with your skin’s natural natural biorhythm and repair process. A single pouch is packed with everything you need (think Polyhydroxy acids, peptides, and probiotics) to visibly detoxify, repair, and nourish your complexion while you’re sleeping.

Obagi Medical Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel, $175

This new treatment by Obagi Medical conveniently provides professional-grade results wherever you are by harnessing the potency of four proven acids (kojic, salicylic, lactic, and glycolic) in a safe and easy-to-use format. Simply swipe the two pre-soaked pads over clean, dry skin every two weeks and watch your complexion regain a healthy, luminous glow.

Repêchage Triple Action Peptide Sheet Masks, $91

Everyone knows the benefits of vitamin C and retinol nowadays, but what about peptides? In brief: they help rebuild damaged cells, while stimulating collagen production – making them suitable for every complexion. And with these refreshing face masks featuring not one, but four peptides, you can firm and plump up slack skin in as little as ten minutes.

Kat Burki KB5™ Eye Recovery Masks, $90

Give dark circles and puffiness around the eyes – where skin is thinnest and susceptible to first showing signs of stress – some quick relief with these eye masks brimming with plant stem cells, silk amino acids, and cold-processed avocado oil. Apply for ten minutes, gently tap in the remaining solution, and marvel at how refreshed your blinkers look.

SiO Necklift, $29.95

We have products to take care of our hair, face, and body, but what about the skin below our jawline? The bad news is our necks show signs of aging earlier than other body parts, but the good news is they’re treatable with these innovative patches. Made with flexible medical-grade silicone, they’re reusable up to ten times and encourage your skin to retain much-needed moisture.

Loops Beauty Lip Mask, $25

If you’re looking to achieve a fuller-looking pout without fillers, look no further than this lip mask from the popular Korean beauty brand backed by Emily Ratajkowski. Containing aloe vera, probiotics, and a proprietary flower complex, these cooling hydrogels don’t budge and will stay in place to deliver deep, long-lasting benefits.

Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure, $20

No matter how dry, cracked, or calloused your feet might be, this results-driven treatment exfoliates and softens with a powerful blend of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids. Even after a single use, your soles will gradually shed dead cells and reveal baby-soft skin in its place. It’s just what you need for sandal season, which is closer than you think.

Dr. Jart+ Pore Remedy Purifying Mud Mask, $9

Mud masks have been used for centuries, and for good reason. They purify even the oiliest complexions. They minimize the appearance of pores. They infuse the skin with healthy minerals. The downside? How messy they are. To remedy that, the hip K-Beauty just unveiled this handy sheet mask boasting the mud’s good qualities and none of the bad.

Mediheal Golden Chip Acupoint Mask, $3.99

Here’s proof you don’t need to spend a small fortune to take excellent care of your skin. Because for around just $4, you can lend your complexion a spa-fresh glow with this best-selling Korean sheet mask. The mineralized stones stimulate facial acupoints, while superstar ingredient niacinamide improves texture and boosts moisture levels.

Innisfree Special Care Mask (Hand), $3.90

They’re one of the hardest-working parts of your body, yet often neglected. You use them on a daily basis. Typically, every hour, and when you’re very busy – every minute. That’s right: we’re talking about your hands. So to give them the pampering and care they deserve, slip them into these gloves soaked with lonicera Flower, Peony, and Sophora Root.