The Anklet Story

One kind of jewelry that is unique in many senses of the word is the anklet, which is also sometimes called the ankle bracelet. This seemingly new addition to the world of fashion jewelry is and was one of the most symbolic and meaning packed jewelry throughout history… and in many places all over the world.

Of all the jewelry worn by women, the anklet is one of the most sensual and romantic piece of jewelry. In places like India where aesthetics play a very important role in the daily lives of the people, the anklet is studded with symbols, religious and otherwise. In art works in India, like in Indian paintings, poetry, and dances, one can always see how men have always adored the feet of their lovers.

Their women-folks also took great care of their feet in a seductive and sensual sensibility which few outsiders will really be able to comprehend. The Indian dances also depict the seductive and erotic role the lover’s feet play though their footwork and the jingling of the bells of the anklets. This sensual connotation of the anklet has been carried even to the West where many even in the United States considered the anklet as something very seductive, bewitching, and even inviting, especially when worn on the right ankle.

As shrouded they are with exotic and sensual mysteries, the anklet has now become a very popular piece of jewelry today. The most popular types of anklets today are those that are made of sterling silver. Sterling silver seems to be just the right metal for making anklets and it maybe due to its color, sleek and sensual look, or affordability. Many take it that silver anklets bring elegance to one’s foot and, unlike gold, it seems to go well with all different kinds of footwear. And due to their increase in popularity, they are now, of course, available in so many styles and designs for the right foot and the right occasion.

The traditional belief of the seductive and the bewitching power of anklets may well be a myth, but many still find that it still gets heads turning, even more so than any other type of jewelry in a girl’s arsenal.

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