Kids are hard on swimsuits, which is part of why fast fashion isn’t the best choice when it comes to buying swimwear for children. Cheaply made swimsuits have a tendency to fall apart before the season is over thanks to all that climbing in and out of swimming pools over and over again. As such, many parents are willing to invest in quality swimwear for children and because swimsuits really only last a season before kids outgrow them, choosing sustainably-made options that can be handed down or up-cycled at the end of use is extra important. Thankfully, many companies are embracing sustainability when it comes to swimwear production with an increased focus on recycled materials. Here are some of the best sustainable swimwear brands for children that offer high quality and also go easy on the planet.

Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur specializes in children’s clothing for babies through age 9 with an emphasis on being “earth loving” and long lasting. The company’s durable swimwear line is made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets and the rash guards are even printed with “Make The Sea Plastic Free” as part of the environmental messaging many children would be proud to share with Mon Coeur. In addition to using recycled materials and encouraging up-cycling after use, Mon Coeur has committed 1% of sales to the planet and supports initiatives to clean oceans, plant trees, and mitigate climate change.

Hanna Andersson

When it comes to high-quality children’s wear that’s ethically and sustainably made, Hanna Andersson is a go-to brand for many families (and has been since 1983). The company’s swimsuits are made from recycled materials and are still soft to the skin for wear. And, the company is hoping you’ll get to hand down its suits to minimize waste. In addition to being sustainable, Hanna Andersson is committed to fair trade practices including the use of organic cotton in many of its products to protect farmers, their families, and the environment.

Seasalt Kids

Seasalt Kids manufactures its swimwear domestically in the United States in a factory known for producing luxury women’s swimwear to ensure quality and promote sustainability. The company uses post-consumer recycled materials like fishing nets and plastics in hopes of keeping waste out of the ocean and landfills and up-cycles production scraps to minimize waste by making products like scrunchies. Seasalt Kids’ packaging is also compostable to further support its sustainability mission. Moreover, the company has pledged 1% of its gross annual sales for the planet by donating to non-profits that protect the environment.


Boden is another company using recycled materials like plastic bottles and fishing nets to produce its swimwear and offers a wide range of fun prints for everyone in the family, not just kids. The company works hard to provide transparency in monitoring its 150 factories around the world and is committed to helping to end modern slavery and human trafficking. Environmental messaging on its “Save Our Seas” rash guards is yet another reason to love Boden’s swimwear — and will appeal to young activists in training.