The Co-Founders of Sky Ting Share Their Feel-Good Morning Routines

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning? A well-rounded morning routine sets the tone for the day and gets you prepped—both mentally and physically—before you dive into a packed schedule filled with emails, chores, happy hours, workouts, and more. Our series Morning Person profiles those who have mastered the art of the morning routine.

Tune in every week here and on our Instagram to learn exactly how the pros get it all done before the sun comes up, from their go-to breakfasts to their a.m. workouts.

I was first introduced to Sky Ting’s yoga classes last April when I was going through trials of various fitness apps early in quarantine, but I quickly fell in love with the brand’s “feel-good, do-good” philosophy. These classes helped to shift my perspective to realize that moving my body and working out are massive acts of self-love and care. Co-founded by Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones in 2015, Sky Ting has grown from a single physical location in Chinatown, New York, to a renowned subscription-based yoga platform through Sky Ting TV.

And just like how their yoga classes are all about making you feel good, Kernaghan and Jones have adopted this philosophy into their daily routines with rituals designed to make them feel their best. Keep scrolling to see how these co-founders start their days.

6:30 A.M.

CK: I love going to bed early and waking up early. I usually keep a big jar of water by my bed and drink it first thing in the morning. Before I start moving-moving, I love to sit up in bed and meditate. This might be guided using an app (I like Insight Timer) or just on my own using a technique that feels right for the day.

7 A.M.

CK: I am big on making my bed every day; it’s a nice marker for me that the day has begun. Plus, since I’m spending a lot more time in my apartment, I love keeping it clean.

7:10 A.M.

CK: Another big jar of water, this time warm with a big squeeze of lemon. I always take vitamin D and vitamin C in the morning. I love a spoonful of Manuka honey for its magic and sweetness.

LivOn Laboratories Lypo–spheric Vitamin C ($40)

Activist Raw Manuka Honey 300 MGO ($45)

CK: Today, I’m taking some of Cap Beauty’s Light Ray tincture for a little glow and Ravencrest Botanicals’ Immune Education for upkeep! Sometimes I’ll have a little fruit early to tide me over while I do my physical practice.

Cap Beauty The Light Ray ($42)

7:20 A.M.

CK: I am really into moving my body for about 30 minutes in the morning, so I love taking one of our shorter classes on Sky Ting TV. Today, I’m taking my friend Regina’s class. It’s a heat-building flow built for the spring season, so that means lots of twists and balance work, which is fun and challenging.

7:45 A.M.

KJ: I typically wake up around this time without an alarm, but I almost never want to leave my bed. I’ll usually lie around in bed for 10 to 15 minutes to let my brain adjust to the day. Sometimes, I’ll write down my dreams.

8 A.M.

CK: After class, I’ll do a quick body rinse, and then it’s time for one of my favorite parts of my morning, my skincare routine!

In the shower, I use Diane Higgins’s Purifying Cleansing Milk, and once I’m out, I’ll use Lucent Power Pad from Hale Cosmeceuticals to help brighten my skin. I’ll mist my face withSacred Rose Water, followed by Youth to the People’s Vitamin C serum. After that, I’ll layer Lesse’s Ritual serum, and for deep moisturizing, Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream.

Diane Higgins Purifying Cleansing Milk ($28)

Youth to the People 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum ($68)

Lesse Ritual Serum ($70)

CK: And finally, and maybe the most important part, I’ll apply some Tizo Sunscreen—it’s a mineral sunscreen, reef-friendly, and doesn’t break me out!

Tizo Ultra Zinc Body & Face Sunscreen ($42)

KJ: This is the time I dedicate to dry brushing, which is great for exfoliation, circulation, and lymphatic drainage. I’ll start from the feet and work my way up to the heart and lungs.

Amazon Dry Body Brush With Contoured Wooden Handle ($7)

KJ: I love oral hygiene and am a big fan of tongue scraping, which I got into this summer on an Ayurvedic retreat. I also love oil pulling, which is cleansing and moisturizing for the mouth. I only use natural products, and I flop back and forth between brands.

Mastermedi Tongue Scraper ($10)

I keep the rest of my routine pretty simple. My favorite face cream in the world is Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream; it just works wonders on my skin. I love using Pratima Spa’s Pitta body oil for my dry skin.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream ($265)

Pratima Pitta Balancing Body Oil ($34)

KJ: Lastly, my favorite hairbrush is from Janeke, which I bought at the Italian airport three years ago. It’s super detangling and great for my scr
aggly mane.

Janeke Superbrush ($16)

8:15 A.M.

KJ: Coffee is my favorite part of the morning and my driving force to get out of bed. But before my caffeine fix, I’ll force myself to drink a tall glass of warm water with lemon, something my Aryuvedic doctor got me on years ago. No cold drinks for me!

KJ: Breakfast looks like this today: almond butter and raspberry toast. I’m not fussy about breakfast, so every day looks different. I’ll usually just find something in the fridge to put on a piece of bread or make a smoothie.

Abby’s Better Honey Almond Butter ($10)

8:30 A.M.

CK: I’m dressed for the day! I love putting on non-yoga clothes to work. I think since I’ve spent so much of my adult life wearing leggings, it feels good to put together outfits that give me a break from that. (Note: I definitely still have days I wear a sweatsuit or leggings. I’m not a monster.)

My dear friend Olivia Villanti started a custom women’s shirt company down in Mexico City called Chava Studio, which I’m obsessed with. This is its Garçon shirt, and it is perfect for when you want to feel chic and put-together.

Chava Studio Garçon Shirt ($250)

8:45 A.M.

KJ: I’ve been doing 20 minutes of Vedic meditation each morning, and it’s been a real game changer for me. It grounds me in the morning and calms me down in the evening. Highly recommend.

CK: A quick walk outside so I can breathe fresh air, listen to a podcast, andwhoops!buy a croissant from my local bakery. In truth, I would have a croissant every day for breakfast if I could. One of humans’ finest creations IMO.

9 A.M.

CK: I took some leftovers from last night— baked feta and roasted tomatoes—and made a little croissant sandwich with some avocado, cilantro, and lemon juice. That alongside a classic pot of PG Tips black tea and a splash of milk, and I’m ready to start my day!

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9:15 A.M.

KJ: Time for Sky Ting TV! I usually do a quick 30-minute class, the perfect amount of movement to wake up my body and prepare for the day. We have hundreds of classes to choose from or all lengths, levels, and styles. Something for everyone!

10 A.M.

KJ: I finally check my phone, open my emails, and start my workday! Lots of zooms, online classes, and calls from here!

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