The Fashion Police Are Invading Elden Ring Player’s Games and Judging Their Outfits

A mysterious Elden Ring player by the name of ‘Fashion Police’ has begun invading games to judge the outfits of other players, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

This isn’t the first time that an Elden Ring player has invaded other games to bring joy to others either. Many fans will likely be well aware of the infamous ‘Let Me Solo Her’ player, who has gone on to become quite the meme in the Elden Ring community.

With Elden Ring having so many bosses to tackle, it’s easy to become frustrated with the increased difficulty. But no bosses ruffle as many feathers quite like Malenia, Blade of Miquella. That’s where Let Me Solo Her comes in, as players began summoning the hero to absolutely destroy Malenia for them, with ease too.

But now there’s a new player to summon, the fashion police. Well, that’s if you want your outfit to be judged.

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Elden Ring | Story Trailer



Elden Ring | Story Trailer





Elden Ring Players Are Being Invaded By The “Fashion Police”

Reddit user Moonpapa333 took to Reddit to show their hilarious Elden Ring clip, which now has well over 20,000 upvotes. The short video shows a user with the name ‘Fashion Police’ doing a full 360 of the player, pulling out his telescope to do a full inspection of their outfit, bowing, and then returning to his world.

Many fans were quick to point out that they should have been arrested for their horrendous outfit decision. The player in the clip can be seen rocking a completely mismatched headpiece and body armor, as well as a weapon clipping through their outfit.

A fellow Elden Ring player also pointed out that they had previously had a run-in with the fashion police, stating that “a few weeks ago I had someone do this to me and my brother. He called me beautiful, punched my bro and then severed finger out of there”.

So it looks like players will need to get their fit-looking fresh if they don’t want to be arrested by the fashion police. Make sure to check out the hilarious video below and let us know in the comments section if you’ve had a run-in with the fashion police yet.

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