The Impact Of The Pandemic On Fashion: Why The Padding Trend?

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Cold days are getting closer in the Northern Hemisphere. And this is already noticeable in stores, where padded vests are sold especially well, which also reveal what is worn underneath.

Likewise, jackets, capes and over shirts pass over the counters, which are really cozy and warm. This trend has a name: Padding.

Interest in these garments was already shown in part in the framework of the fashion shows for the autumn and winter season 2021/2022, as reported by the vlone in its 34th edition of this year. But now this trend really seems to be gaining real momentum.

Knee-Length Vests And Half-Sleeve Jackets

The best known example of padding is the down jacket, and now partly with half sleeves. But nowadays, those that do not have sleeves are also sought after, although they often extend to the thigh or even the knee, and frequently have a high neck.

With these warm elements “one is in safe harbor”, Vlone describes its own collection of jackets, which of course also includes quilted garments. “But sometimes you want this look without the sleeves.” Because then you can see what style is hidden underneath.

And often a break in style is found there. In the pictures of their collections, the manufacturers show delicate floral dresses with thick knee-length cotton wool vests or even shorts. According to the German Fashion Institute, chunky knitwear is also popular as an accessory.

Wide belts enhance the size, but this is not essential, following the ideas of the manufacturers. Because there, the width of the garments is rather emphasized: Underneath, well-fitting clothing, and above, an open vest.

Some manufacturers develop this idea even further: Reserved, for example, has a long jacket that can be used as a sleeping bag if necessary.

Combining Trends: Layering

Padded garments and combinations breaking the style are part of a larger trend: layering or layering, which has been in fashion for some seasons.

And it largely has to do with the fact that the old onion principle comes in handy during transitional fall days and late winter. But it also offers the possibility during cold days of wearing thin and light clothing or also shorts.

The quilted garments partly also represent longings. “Wide, high-necked tops offer a lot of protection in a world that seems to have gone off the rails,” explains the trend the German Institute of Fashion.

In other words, they serve the desire for comfort and security, for shelter and isolation, something that does us very well in difficult times.

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Natural Shades And A Radiant Yellow

And what should not be missing in autumn and winter is safe footwear. “Bulky coats and thick boots offer maximum protection,” adds the Institute of Fashion.

In this way, daily walks can be undertaken and also through nature, because surely in winter we will be attracted to it again: outside the houses, beyond the restrictions, inside the forest and through the meadows. In other words, another trend marked by the pandemic.

And this is also reflected in the colors that are currently most in demand: numerous shades of brown and beige, or pure white, often in combination with black.

Because: “Along with escaping to nature and nostalgia, there is also a strong longing for intense colors, for visibility”, analyzes the Institute of Fashion.

And it is that “after months of moderation, there is a growing desire to finally have opportunities and occasions to meet and show themselves, to have fun, both during the experience that is undertaken and with the fashion itself by wearing vlone jacket.”

It can also be seen in some padded coats, because from time to time vests and coats in bright and cheerful colors are also found in the collections.