These Are The 6 Best Cameras For Travel Photography

We know that you only want the best cameras for travel photography so naturally, we put together a list to inspire your next trip. With so many cameras and photography styles, we know the options can be overwhelming. In this Travel Noire list we run through the very best, from film cameras to DSLRs.

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Fujifilm X-S10

The Fujifilm X-S10 is a favorite for travel photographers globally. This mirrorless camera with a variety-angle touchscreen is an excellent companion for all travel adventures.

This is certainly a camera for intermediate/expert photographers as this is far from a beginner’s camera.

Canon EOS 90D

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You can’t go wrong with a good DSLR. Canon’s have always led to impress and the Canon EOS 90D doesn’t fall short. Travelers hoping to capture videos may appreciate this option too; this camera is celebrated for its ability to manage uncropped 4K video in the smoothest fashion. A win in the history of Canon cameras.

This camera also has built-in wifi and bluetooth.


Think of a flying smartphone with the best quality going. The DJI Mini SE is the perfect introduction into the world of drones. Between the video quality and stability, this is a drone to add to every travel photographer’s wishlist.

Nikon D3500


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The Nikon D3500 made the list because it is an all-round pleaser. It does exactly what you need and in simple words, its 24-megapixels delivers super sharp, high-quality images.

This is the no-frills beginner DSLR that you’ve been hoping for.

Olympus OM-D E-M 10 Mark IV

The best thing about the Olympus OM-D E-M 10 Mark IV is how travel-friendly and compact it is. An entry- level camera that is powerful, versatile and affordable – music to our ears.

FYI, the flip-over screen is particularly attractive for the shameless selfie-lovers among us.

Yashica FX-103 Program

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

The resurgence of film photography has hit the travel world too. For travelers looking to romanticize their trips a tad, a film camera is a must. The Yashica FX-103 Program is a classic option. It has a decent variety in modes – P (Program), HP (High-Speed Program), A (Aperture Priority), and M (Manual) – and is a least pricey camera.