This spa-like face massager helps lift and smooth skin

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The Ms. W Face Massager. Image via Amazon.
The Ms. W Face Massager. Image via Amazon.

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We all know how important it is to take care of our skin. We moisturize, we cleanse, we exfoliate and treat ourselves to luxe serums – but have you ever thought about giving yourself a facial massage?

Just like you would go for a body massage to alleviate muscle tension, you can easily do the same for your face – and help combat the signs of aging in the process.

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Lots of people like to use their hands or face rollers to help get rid of puffiness, minimize or prevent wrinkles and boost blood circulation which can help leave your skin glowing and decrease the signs of dark circles.

Giving yourself a face massage also helps increase product absorption in the skin, and considering how expensive some skincare products can be is a benefit that can’t be overlooked.

If you’re looking to easily improve your skin through facial massage, the Ms. W Face Massager available on Amazon can help tackle any and every concern with ease.

The Ms. W Face Massager. Image via Amazon.
The Ms. W Face Massager. Image via Amazon.

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What is it?

Unlike face rollers, the Ms. W Face Massager is an electronic device that helps improve the look, firmness and absorption rate of skincare products for the face and neck from approximately 30% (with surface massage) to a whopping 95%.

The portable, vibrating face massager has three different levels and delivers up to 12,500 vibrations per minute. The first level helps improve skin’s tightness with 6,200 vibrations per minute that helps promote collagen synthesis for youthful, firmer looking skin.

The second level provides magnetic heath therapy of 45 degrees Celsius and 9,500 vibrations per minute to help alleviate swelling and puffiness.

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The tool’s third and highest level provides the highest level of vibrations per minute and the same magnetic heat therapy that helps restore blood circulation to the face, which can leave your skin with a healthy glow.

For optimal results Ms. W Face Massager should be used twice a day, morning and night for no more than five minutes at a time. Over time, users have noticed less puffiness in their face, a firmer jawline and the improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What people are saying

Like all things on Amazon, the customer reviews weigh heavily in a decision to make a purchase. The Ms. W Face Massager has more than 300 customer reviews, with a four-star customer rating.

Ms. W Face Massager is sold with a USB charging cord, instructions manual and cleaning cloth. Image via Amazon.

Ms. W Face Massager is sold with a USB charging cord, instructions manual and cleaning cloth. Image via Amazon.

“I really like this face massager. It looks great, it is of a very good quality, it’s very satisfying to use and it dose the job,” one Amazon shopper wrote. “My skin brightened up after first two to three uses. The wrinkles around my eyes softened and became less visible.”

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“Very easy to use. I use it while I am driving to work and before bed at night. You just put on your moisturizer and use the unit over it. It gives you a lifted, smooth look as it absorbs the nutrients of the moisturizer into your skin for a glow-y look,” another said. “I would recommend it. I’m not sure of getting rid of fine lines yet because I haven’t used it enough. I just see the results of a smoother complexion right after I am done using it.”


If you’re a serious skincare fan who wants to get the most out of their products, this gadget might be for you. The micro-vibrations and heat massager do more than the average face roller, going the extra mile for your skin.

Like any product, it’s important to have realistic expectations. With continued use and the right products, you’ll likely notice a difference in your skin’s appearance and firmness.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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