Trio opens medical aesthetic spa The Face Lab in hometown

Sep. 2—WILLIAMSBURG — Helping to make people feel confident in their skin — that’s the goal of downtown Williamsburg’s newest business, The Face Lab.

The Face Lab, a medical aesthetic spa, is made up of three business partners, Nurse Practitioner/Injector Stephanie Manning, Nurse Practitioner/Injector Megan Hill and Esthetician Corissa Dyer. The cosmetic boutique focuses mainly on on facial aesthetics, cosmetic injectables with Botox and dermal filler, as well as facials, acne treatment and advanced chemical peels with hopes of adding more services in the future.

“The skin is the largest organ of your body and it has seven different functions, ranging from protection which is your biggest one,” Dyer said. “But you have to keep it healthy, so that’s the ultimate goal is to keep your skin healthy and youthful—the biggest thing is growing other people’s confidence.”

As an esthetician, Dyer has already been offering her services in Barbourville but the three, who grew up together, were hoping to come together to offer cosmetic services right in their own hometown.

“I think we picked this spot because we’re all born and raised here, so we kind of wanted to bring it home to our community,” Manning said.

“I had so many people tell me that these were services they were interested in,” Hill said. “People were having to travel to get those services so we wanted to be able to offer it here at home.

“I think the bigger thing for me is that yes, there is a need for this but it’s also home. I live here in Williamsburg, I was raised here in Williamsburg, I went away to college and then came right back and I work as a nurse practitioner here in town, so I think that was the big thing for me. I just feel really fortunate to be able to do what I love and offer it here at home.”

The three agreed that these different services go hand in hand, as Manning and Hill offer Botox and dermal filler injections and Dyer offers skin treatment services.

“I think what’s really unique about our business is I don’t know another place in the surrounding area that has both in one setting,” Dyer said. “You can find Botox here, you can find an esthetician here but to get it all in one place, it’s rare in this area.

“As far as what they do and what I do, we kind of bounce off one another whereas I see them as the preventive side. People are getting Botox younger now to prevent those wrinkles from happening, therefore you’re not having to do those reverse treatments. Acne is kind of a little thing of its own but as far as a youthful appearance, you come to them for all the prevention and you come to me for all the reversing.”

Manning and Hill are hoping to dispel the notion that getting Botox or dermal fillers will make you look “fake.”

“People think they’ll come in here and leave looking very fake but whatever you want, we’re here to do,” Manning said. “It is not as ‘fake’ as people perceive it and that’s another reason why I’m interested in it. You can get it and not be like Kim Kardashian. It’s really helpful and beneficial and can change the way you look without a ton of money.”

Hill said there are also several medical reasons why a person may get Botox injections, such as migraines or tension headaches or TMJ.

“There’s definitely things other than cosmetic that it can be used for,” Hill said.

Dyer said one misconception about the services she offers is that it will be like a spa treatment with a massage and all the works and while Dyer certainly wants her clients to feel relaxed, her ultimate goal is to treat your skin and build upon that treatment with each visit.

The Face Lab promises to offer high-end services at affordable prices.

“We’re really offering it probably the lowest you’ll see it,” Manning said. “We recognize the population here, so we want to make it affordable and not expect people to pay outrageous amounts.”

Dyer said that while some may find facials or other skin treatments costly, she wants people to understand that taking care of your skin is worth the cost.

“People may think it’s too pricey or don’t want to spend the money but truly, it’s for your health,” she said.

For more information or for a list of services, visit The Face Lab’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram @thefacelabky. The Face Lab is located at 102 South 3rd Street in downtown Williamsburg and is open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment or ask questions, message The Face Lab via social media or email at [email protected].