Unique Etsy gifts for an unprecedented Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and this one is sure to be just as low-key as every other holiday over the past year. (Thanks, COVID!) Yes, many restaurants are closed (or serving at a limited capacity), and doing the usual night out on the town might not feel super safe at the moment. But fear not! You can still shower that special someone with awesome gifts that will make them feel loved.

Let’s say that your significant other is a fan of spas. Rather than sending them off for an all-day retreat, give them the tools to relax at home. A Shiatsu Electric Massager is a simple but effective way to work out kinks in the neck, back, and shoulders. I own one myself and it works really well to help ease my neck tension.

Neck Shoulder Massager Shiatsu Electric Back Massagers – etsy.com

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Combine it with a Relaxation Gift Basket full of lavender-scented body oil, bath salts, candle, and soaps, and a Bath Caddy Tray (for holding a glass of wine, obvs) to make the spa-at-home experience a bit more luxurious.

Relaxation gift basket – etsy.com

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Bath Caddy Tray for Tub: Bamboo Bathtub Tray Table – etsy.com

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For a Fun Night In

For many of us, the traditional night out isn’t in the cards this year. But in some ways, I’m fine with that. The old “let’s stress over getting a reservation at a restaurant with an overpriced prix fixe menu” was never all that much fun anyway. Instead, let this be the year when we shake things up! Order takeout from your favorite local establishment and eat by the light of a gorgeous Tabletop Glass Fireplace.

Tabletop Glass Fireplace – etsy.com

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After dinner, dessert on delicious gourmet premium chocolates or, if you’re more into salty than sweet, munch on some crunchy popcorn in a variety of fun flavors.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Box – etsy.com

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The perfect popcorn gift box – etsy.com

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When you’re done, instead of vegging out in front of the TV, try something new, like this Escape Room Brain Teaser Game or Youropoly, your very own customized board game.

6 Escape Room Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Gift Set – etsy.com

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Custom Personalized YOUROPOLY BOARD GAME – etsy.com

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For a Rare Night Out

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where going out is still a thing, first know that I’m jealous. Second, be prepared! Like them or not, face masks are a must these days. Thankfully, there are options to help accessorize your special someone’s Valentine’s Day outfit. For a straight-up, “I’m so into this holiday!” vibe, these cotton masks with filter pockets are perfect.

Valentines Day Face Mask with Filter Pocket – etsy.com

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They come in a variety of colors and designs and can show the world just how much your S.O. loves, well, love. Or, to dress things up a bit, these masks with bling can help your boo show off their sparkly self.

NEW! Happy Valentine’s Day Face Mask Bling – etsy.com

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For the Impossible-to-Shop-For

Okay, let’s say your special someone hates chocolate, loathes popcorn, isn’t into spas, and has enough damn masks already. That’s when you go all out for the coolest, no-way-they-already-have-one-of-these gifts. Like, does your favorite person have an 18″ doll modeled after themselves, clothing and all? I bought a pair of these for my husband last year, fashioned after each of us on our wedding day, and they’re still his favorite items.

A Handmade Doll – etsy.com

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Or, how about a custom bobblehead? These adorable 4″ dolls can be made based on a photo of your choosing, so your special someone can get a mini replica of themself (or of you, or better yet, both of you together).

Custom Bobblehead – etsy.com

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The trick this year is to not stress over the things we can’t do but to find new, innovative ways to make Valentine’s Day—and every day—more fun. Happy shopping!

Sandra Ebejer lives in upstate New York with her husband, son, and two cats who haven’t figured out how to get along. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Shondaland, and others. Read more at sandraebejer.com.