What is a Pre-Wedding Photography Session?

The pre-wedding photo session (or ‘Engagement Shoot’) is a fun way for you to build rapport with your wedding photographer before the big day and to help you feel more at ease with being photographed on your wedding day. Seeing the results of the pre-wedding session will help you feel confident that you will both look fantastic in the wedding photos.

The session also helps the photographer to get to know you… what works for you, how affectionate you are with each other, how relaxed you are, whether you are laid back or more formal in character… what’s the best angle to shoot you from in order to flatter you best.

It’s a nice idea to have this session on location at the wedding venue itself so that you can walk around with your photographer, discuss ideas and finalise plans and timings. A good photographer will be open to ideas so if you have a favourite rural or urban location in which you would like to be photographed do let them know! Most couples dress casually for the session but hey… if you want to wear a party dress in the middle of a forest or by a canal to create a fashion shoot feel then why not! Make sure that you pick a photographer who is creative enough to create the look you want.

A spring pre-wedding shoot is ideal. After the pre-wedding shoot you will have an opportunity to buy images from the shoot. Some photographers will offer a free enlargement as part of the price. Some even mount the print for you and then display it at the wedding so that guests can sign (or simply admire!) your gorgeous engagement photo.

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