What is the Junk De Luxe Designer Clothing Brand All About?

Junk De Luxe was formed in 1986, founder Thomas Gundorph would import second-hand jeans from the USA into Denmark, redesigning them before they were made available to the public. Over the next 6 years, Gundorph worked on his style and technique and in ’92 unleashed his first collection upon the World. It was a massive success, propelling Junk De Luxe’s reputation to that of a leading designer brand all across Europe. Since 1992, the brand has been growing consistently – the collections get more exciting, and people are getting in to the spirit of the Junk more and more each year.

Junk’s broad appeal comes from the way it takes different elements of fashion and lifestyle and then mercilessly, yet gracefully, fuses them into a single design. Contradiction runs throughout Junk, it is symbolised in everything they create – including their own name ‘Junk De Luxe’. This constant contradiction gives prominent street fashion, it adds the class of Savile Row tradition, then it spices things up with a dash of Rock’n’Roll. It also does this flawlessly; nothing is too strong, weak, overpowering or overshadowed. Each piece of Junk De Luxe is designed to stand out on its own, without having to rely on any other items or being party to trends or clich├ęs.

Wearing Junk De Luxe really highlights your personality, but it does not recreate it. You’re still in control, you just like to do things your own way. Junk is at the forefront of great style – fashion can change, but style lasts forever. Walking the fine line between the two is what Junk does best.

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