Woodhouse Spa: An escape from the crazy day-to-day life

KINGSTON — Everyone deserves to be pampered, right?

Over the last year, and for a lot of people undoubtedly longer, stress has been all too prevalent in our lives. Between political upheaval, global health crises and more, the need for self-care has become critical to lead a healthy life.

At the Woodhouse Spa, all of those problems fade into the background as the spa’s experienced staff will get you feeling right and checking your worries at the door.

“So much of what we do here is about relaxing and rejuvenating,” said Megan Millo, the owner of Woodhouse. “We want to be that escape from the crazy day-to-day life, especially after this past year.”

Millo, a native of the Back Mountain, has been at Woodhouse since September 2019. She brought with her a wealth of experience, with some time in the auto industry and with medical cannabis before purchasing the Woodhouse location in Kingston.

“I was also a cashier at our local Thomas’ and worked my way up to closing manager,” she added. “That’s where it all started … I’ve always been a worker, I don’t like to sit still.”

A love and passion for self-care, along with wanting to make an impact and help people, led Millo to her current role.

“I think that self-care is something that is often overlooked,” Millo said. “And I’ve always wanted to own by own business, so it was really like my two passions were coming together.”

Woodhouse will be celebrating 18 years in Kingston this November, and this specific location holds a very unique distinction.

“This is the first Woodhouse franchise location,” Millo said. “The original Woodhouse was based out of Victoria, Texas, and is still open today.”“

From the minute the front doors open, it’s clear why so many people around the area have turned to Woodhouse for their therapeutic needs and have heralded the spa as one of the best in the business.

Immediately, spa-goers are hit with an intoxicating aroma, a scent created by the spa in order to relax their clients. The scent, called “Escape,” is available in the spa’s gift shop.

The Woodhouse gift shop is hugely important to the central experience, and contains other signature scents, diffusers, robes, neck “buddies” and all sorts of products to take home.

“A big part of all of this is following up at home,” Millo said. “It’s important that wellness and self-care isn’t just a one-stop shop.”

Millo mentioned that, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Woodhouse did a lot of deliveries and pick-up orders for products so their clients could still maintain their self-care without being able, or feeling safe about, going to the actual spa.

Woodhouse was closed for four months during the worst of the pandemic, according to Millo.

“It was such a stressful time, it still is,” she said. “I’d argue that we were a necessity but the state didn’t consider us a necessary business.

While the last year was certainly a stressful time, Millo took great pride in the work that she and her staff did just to push through the pandemic, maintaining safety protocols while still providing the award-winning Woodhouse experience.

Woodhouse offers a wide array of services, with something for just about every need.

Massages are offered, but Millo was quick to point out that they were just a small part of the Woodhouse experience.

“You could come in for the day, you could relax in reflexology sandals and a plush robe, you could curl up in our quiet room or on the porch with a book,” she said. “There’s no time, time doesn’t exist here … you’re on Woodhouse time.”

The spa also offers body treatments, treatments for your face and skin, manicures and pedicures — just about everything to ease the stress of everyday life and have clients feeling ready to take on the world.

While a certain line of thinking may lead you to believe that the concept of a “spa day” isn’t something for men, that’s not the case at Woodhouse — quite the opposite.

“Gents are more than welcome, too, they even have their own section of our menu,” Millo said.

Woodhouse also hosts spa parties, baby showers and bachelorette parties as well as just welcoming folks looking for a day of relaxation.

Gift cards to Woodhouse are available either online or at the spa, and spa packages are available as well.

It all adds up to a business that has been deemed by clients worthy of a Platinum-level distinction in this year’s Times Leader Best of the Best Awards, an honor Millo doesn’t take lightly.

“If it wasn’t for the many reviews our clients leave us, the positive feedback, we wouldn’t be here,” Millo said.

“I’m proud to carry on the Woodhouse legacy.”