2 Momtrepreneurs Recycle Kids’ Clothes And Crayons In Hoboken

HOBOKEN, NJ — Two moms who founded separate businesses during the pandemic — one reselling kids’ clothes, the other recycling Crayons into cool multicolored shapes — have joined forces at a new store.

Kelli Brown of Hoboken, who left her economic development consulting job last year, has opened Bounce Mkt on the west side of the city. The store resells kids’ clothes and footwear that’s in good condition, for children up to age 8. People can bring clothes by to see if they’re a fit, or have the store pick up their donations. If customers want to buy, they can shop in person at the store or via the website.

Brown says it’s a way to be environmentally friendly and not let clothes go to waste. And anything they can’t use is returned or given two local charities — Round 2 Resources and In Jesus’ Name — or to Helpsy, an environmentally friendly company that recycles clothes.

Brown came up with the idea after seeing how quickly her daughter, born in 2018, grew out of her clothes.

“After having my daughter, I felt so wasteful,” she said. “I wanted to do something mission-oriented and meaningful.”

She opened Bounce Mkt in November.

The business is located at 720 Monroe St., an arts-centric building that echoes throughout the day with the sound of kids in art studios, small businesses, classes, services, and camps.

And what to give away to kids who visit Brown’s store?

Hoboken mom Susan Goldman has the answer.

Goldman, who was laid off from her fashion job in March 2020, started a business later that year recycling Crayons into cool new shapes. She has given Brown some of her products to hand to young visitors when they come into the shop. READ MORE: Lockdown Leads To Creative Business For Hoboken Kid, Mom

People can bring their broken Crayons into the market for her to recycle into new shapes to give out.

Photo by Susan Goldman

Both women have used their creativity and business experience to start anew.

What’s next for Brown? She said she is considering reselling certain toys as well.

She noted that people are sometimes hesitant about previously worn (or “loved”) items. But all clothes are professionally laundered or, if applicable, dry cleaned before reselling.

“I want to change the experience and perception of second-hand,” Brown said.

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