Trending Jewelry in 2020-Small is BIG|Jewelry Making Chains Supplies Wholesaler

We just came back from the second biggest jewelry trade show in the western hemisphere: the JIS Miami Show. Once again, it has confirmed one of the hottest trends in today’s jewelry design: small is BIG! It means dainty and delicate jewelry is trending now and minimalism is still hot! This holds true for fine jewelry, silver jewelry, and fashion jewelry as well.

It may make you wonder why small and dainty jewelry is still trending. Here are the reasons based on our market analysis.

The fine jewelry market is shrinking. According to JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade), over 1,000 North American jewelry companies stop operations every year. Most wholesalers and manufacturers at the trade show reported their sales had dropped. This is especially true for high price point fine jewelry vendors. Why are sales of more expensive jewelry not as strong as they were a couple of decades ago? They are weak because consumers today, especially the younger generation, have more options in gift-giving and self-purchase.  The younger generation is more excited to see the latest version of the iPhone than a fine necklace on Christmas morning. Consumers are more likely to spend on electronics and vacations rather than jewelry.

Look at this picture taken at Lincoln Road, the busiest shopping street in Miami Beach. On the left is the Swarovski store and on the right is a T-mobile store. While the electronic store is packed with over 20 customers, the Swarovski store is completely empty, a great example of which product is more in demand.

Why people buy electronics instead of jewelry

As a result, the jewelry industry is shifting to a lower price point “fast fashion”.

Jewelry manufacturers and designers have to find a way to offer lower price point products to the market. The jewelry cost is largely defined by the cost of the materials. If less gold and silver are used or smaller sized gemstones and diamonds are used, the cost of the jewelry will be lower. That is why dainty and delicate jewelry designs are so popular right now. They look good, make a statement, and are a great fit for daily wearing, no matter what the outfit.  Dainty and meaningful jewelry pieces are always stylish.

Take a look at these dainty jewelry pieces worn by celebrities:


I hope this article is helpful and gives you inspiration when you are considering your next jewelry design. Remember small is Big! I hope your jewelry line can go BIG when you apply your talent to the hottest jewelry trends on the market. Check out our dainty charms and findings that you can use for your designs. Happy creating!