Buying Diamond Engagement Ring Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget

Diamonds are forever, and perhaps it’s for that reason they’re expensive as well. Here are a few tips to help you find a diamond engagement ring within your budget.

Carat Weight

First things first: whatever style of diamond engagement ring you’re after, make sure that it doesn’t go below the 1-carat mark.

A 1-carat diamond or anything higher is more accessible to sell than smaller diamonds. This is not to say that you do not believe in your relationship’s longevity, but rather, it’s best to make a financially sensible choice. There isn’t any rule that says a diamond engagement ring can’t be an investment as well, is there?


Do you know that choosing the right setting can make you afford to purchase diamonds of lower grades but still make it seem that they’re premium quality? A yellow gold band, preferably 14K and above, complements the colorless quality of diamonds. … Read More

Ketamine Chronic Toxicity total information

Ketamine - Wikipedia

In the longitudinal study of 150 chronic ketamine users discussed above, increased depression score (Beck Depression Inventory), but not clinical depression, was associated with frequent (daily) current and previous ketamine use. Depression scores were not increased in less frequent (less than three times per week) ketamine users. There have been some pilot studies that have investigated the use of ketamine as an antidepressant in patients with depression and of intravenous ketamine in patients with resistant depression. The results of these preliminary studies are not conclusive, but suggest that ketamine may have a role in this setting.

Neurological and Cognitive Effects

A number of studies have shown that acute Ketamine online use results in impairment of both working and episodic memory; it appears that these effects are greater in men than in women. Long-term ketamine use is also associated with deficits of both long- and short-term memory. Many of these studies … Read More

Blind peer cleared of assaulting masseuse after arguing that he was using his hands to ‘see’ her

“They never tried to suggest I should be found not guilty out of sympathy for my disability,” he said.

“It is clear that there is still misunderstanding about how blind people need to construct some idea of the external world.

“I do not want to say anything unkind about the specific allegation once made about me in this case. But after 18 months of waiting for my trial, the jury understood.”

The court heard that Lord Holmes had paid £150 for a 90-minute massage in the luxury spa.

When he asked “can I see how you look?” the masseuse consented to him touching her face, believing that is what blind people did.

But she alleged that he said “nice” as he ran his hands over her body.

She began to feel uncomfortable and tried to move away from him but was prevented from doing so by Texture Spray Machine Mr

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Bid goodbye to wiley whiskers and pesky peach fuzz with a variety of hair removal procedures

Cooler weather is coming and that means long pants, cute tights and a lot of legs that won’t be seeing a razor anytime soon.

Not having to shave your legs regularly is a benefit of living in areas that experience colder climates. And While hiding hairy legs is pretty easy, some women still have to contend with maintaining hair removal regimens on other areas of their bodies.

Genetics, hormones, menopause and other factors can contribute to unwanted hair growth on the face and other areas. Over the years, the beauty industry has created several options for hair removal that includes both permanent and non-permanent remedies.

Waxing is one way to remove unwanted hair growth on the face and body. The process involves using either a heated hard or soft wax that is applied in strips to the area where you want to remove their hair.

If using the hard wax,

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