24 Products To Treat Yourself To Instead Of Making Resolutions

Getting through 2020 was harder than any resolution — get yourself something nice instead.

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Several of my Buzzfeed coworkers have raved about this subscription service, and three of them even wrote an in-depth review of their experiences — be sure to check it out!

Get it from Atlas Coffee Club for 9+/month (available in three subscription sizes and customized frequency/taste selections).

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A body care gift set with a body wash, body lotion, and perfume in a Brazilian lime scent you can add to the growing collection of half-used skincare products piling up on your bathroom shelves. Why clean out your bathroom when you could have *more* skincare?!

Beauty Pie

Promising review: “This is uplifting. I absolutely love the fresh zesty fragrance, it’s so clean. The shower gel is thick and fragrant and the cream absorbs well. It’s a fantastic value for money and I will definitely be buying it again.” —Buckinghamshire

Get it from Beauty Pie for $90 (or for $23.69 with a membership).


A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that’s waaay too pretty to be this price. Go ahead, go overboard in 2021 and fill your home with as many fragrances as you dang well please. The more candles you have, the less you’re gonna spend on the electric bill. I’m pretty sure.


I own this lil’ treasure! It has a great burn time, the smell is spicy over flowery, and I’ve even gotten compliments on the jar when it was in the background of Instagram posts.

Promising review: “Goldilocks would love this candle because everything is just right. Some candle scents are too strong or fake smelling and some are too weak – this candle is perfect. The subtle, yet alluring scent provides nice background fragrance for any room and burns very clean. I’m sensitive to candles with fake chemical smells or wax that burns dirty and these candles are my go-to because they never cause a problem. The glass jar gives a nice glow and the candle has a long life. A little more money than most on here but worth it for ‘just right.'” —Sterling

Get it from Amazon for $20 (available in six scents).


A squalane oil that’ll lock in your skin’s natural moisture without feeling heavy on your face. This one wild ingredient will make your skin feel softer and smoother, while helping redness and irritation fade away. Skip a skincare routine resolution and get yourself a product that’ll basically do it all.


Promising review: “I love this oil!. It’s amazing for my skin hydration and helps balance too much of my own body oil production (I have dry spots and overly oily spots my body likes to make).” —Biossance Customer

Get it from Biossance for $32.


Or grab a carbonated face mask for an oh-so-silly spa night sure to help you feel bubbly inside and out.

amazon.com, Amazon

This mask helps remove blackheads and exfoliate pores.

Promising review: “Literally made my boyfriend’s blackheads disappear! Made our faces feel so clean. I’m a mask junkie and have gotten masks from all the top brands from drugstores, Lush, Sephora, and Ulta. This is one of my new favorites! Also so much fun to watch it bubble up – feels like a spa treatment.” —Katie Mitchell

Get it from Amazon for $14.90.


A paper boat area rug – it’s gonna brighten up your maximalist space despite the practical, minimalist mood you keep trying to get yourself in. More is still more in the new year!

Boutique Rugs

Get it from Boutique Rugs for $122.25+ (available in three sizes).


A foot peel mask that’ll be massively ap-peal-ing if you could use a pedicure but still don’t want to socialize in the upcoming months.


Promising review: “My poor feet have been extremely neglected ever since I was pregnant two years ago. This was the first time I really ever had very rough, hard heels and ‘old’ looking feet; they were so bad that I didn’t even want to have a pedicure or wear sandals. Anyway, these foot peels were super easy to use and boy are they effective. It was the fourth day that my feet began to peel — very strange! Totally painless. The new skin coming through was very soft, like new. I would totally recommend. My sister and mother have requested their boxes.” —Ally CHR

Get it from Amazon for $27.90.


A ~bewb~ macrame wall hanging sure to rid your home of the dreary sophistication you accidentally started creating while working from home all of 2020. HR doesn’t work at your house, decorate with some scandalous pizzazz!


Promising review: “The packaging alone is such a gift! It felt so personable to receive a hand written note along with an extra goodie the shop threw in. The macrame itself is amazing quality and the decor looks beautiful. I already want more in every color. I’m OBSESSED with my new boobs!” —Jordan Pittser

Get it from CByTheSeaShoppe on Etsy for $28.99 (available in four colors).


An opalescent shimmer lip gloss that’ll look *great* when you put it on right before calling your friends to cancel on them short notice. You’ve gotta catch up on Supernatural, after all!


Promising review: “This is the best lip gloss I’ve ever tried. It’s not sticky yet it’s so glossy! WOW.” —s

Get it from Glossier for $14 (available in four colors).


A bottle of drinkable glitter so you can make sure whatever you’re drinking is *extra* special on New Year’s Eve aaand the rest of 2021.


I’m such a sucker for weird/fun finds online. I impulse bought this the very first time I saw it and, ugh, I adore it. It is such an unnecessarily silly thing *and yet* it really has made for some fun, spruced up, sips. It has no taste, lasts forever (you need very little per cup), and it’ll certainly brighten up a boring drink.

Promising review: “The glitter was excellent and made the beer shimmer just as expected. Everyone loved it and stared at it with wonder and delight. The glitter does coat the glass, making subsequent beers glittery. I recommend jiggling the keg a bit, so the glitter doesn’t settle. This is a great product. I will definitely buy again.” —Jennifer Konecky

Get it from Amazon for $9.59.


A Casper nap pillow for nap-happy folks who have no plans to stop sleeping in in the new year.


Promising review: “I bought this pillow for my husband for his birthday. He always travels with a small pillow and somehow they always end up getting lumpy very quickly. However, the Casper pillow is both soft and supportive and has not lost its shape. I also love that it comes with its own pillowcase and travel bag to make transporting it a breeze. My husband loves this pillow so much that we have decided to purchase the full-size pillows to use every night.” —Kristina

Get it from Amazon for $31.50.


A piece of tipsy kitchen decor to give anyone who will be drinking to the new year allll year long.

Kimi’s Cosmos

Promising review: “This was such a cute fun sign to add to our bar! It’s great quality and arrived quickly!” —Emily

Get it from Kimi’s Cosmos on Etsy for $20+ (available in two colors and four sizes).


A set of three tarot tapestries (in a blessedly ’70s color palette) you can add to your walls if the move you were hoping to make next year isn’t happening. Redecorating can make a big difference!


I recently bought these for my apartment! The colors are true to the image and *seriously* lovely. I have them up on my wall above some bamboo-covered mirrors and they have definitely helped make the corner look complete.

Promising review: “These are so cute. The material is thick and they look just as pictured. They’re actually better than I expected – a great deal for the price. I would buy again!” —Olivia Moore

Get them from Amazon for $14.43.


A pair of top-of-the-line wireless earbuds — a big ol’ splurge that’ll let you continue to ~tune out~ your roommates instead of embracing the social butterfly you’ve been writing about becoming in your journal. Maybe in 2022.


These were our top tier choice for true wireless earbuds on BuzzFeed Reviews!

Promising review: “I have owned Google Pixel Buds, Airpods, and B&O E8s and none of them touch the sound quality of these. The build quality is very good and made of premium materials. I am able to discern various instruments with high detail and clarity in various genres ranging from rock, hip hop, R&B, classical, and even some EDM. The bass is natural and there is clear separation. These do have a warmer sound profile overall, but I tend to like that.10/10 would buy again.” —Ilsabahnur

Get them from Amazon for $99.95.


A Minnie wallet that’s gonna further show off your Disney adult lifestyle. There’s no need to hide your best side!

Kate Spade

Get it from Kate Spade for $110.


A personalized candle you can get if you have no plans to stop eating bean-heavy burritos. Stay a gassy lassy and just light this up — win win!


Promising review: “I bought this for my father-in-law. He’s basically the fart joke master, so I knew this would be perfect for him. At first, I was like ‘am I really about to pay $35 for a candle?!’ But I am SO GLAD that I did. The quality of this candle is amazing. It’s quite large, and amazing. It smells soooo good (I ordered the eucalyptus spearmint). It came packaged really well to avoid breaking and it came wayyy early! Overall, I’m so happy with this purchase, and I will DEFINITELY be buying some more of these candles!!!!” —Jessica W.

Get it from Amazon for $35 (available in eight scents).


A witch kit for mystical souls who’d far rather turn to spells than resolutions this year.

LunaLumi / Etsy

This kit includes a glass jar, chime candle set, four herb vials, flowers (your choice of lavender, chamomile, jasmine, rose buds, or calendula), three cinnamon sticks, three vials of salt, four mini crystals, a pentagram charm, a cleansing kit, a wand and sage bundle, and three crystals. This Black woman-owned small business is a great choice for gift guide season. The only question is ~witch~ products do you keep for yourself?!

Promising review: “All of the crystals in this kit are a very generous size! I love the way its packaged and everything is super high-quality. Totally worth every penny!” —devilsadvocate9201

Get it from LunaLumi on Etsy for $52+ (available in two styles).


A Naturalistas tee you can wear to let your mom know that, despite her resolution to get you married by 2022, you have no plans to find a bland man.

Yes I Am Inc

Michelle Cadore started the Yes I Am brand in 2016 with a goal to create a line full of positivity and empowerment. Cadore’s platform continues to grow and help consumers feel encouraged to realize their dreams. As a member of the Small Business Advisory Council for Mastercard, Cadore actively supports the small business movement. Her multiple businesses are a fantastic way to support small yourself.

Get it from Yes I Am Inc. for $40 (available in sizes S–2XL).


A one-pound bag of marshmallow cereal because 2020 has been nothing but sour and you deserve a sweet treat just for waking up in the morning. A bowl of this for breakfast oughta do it!

amazon.com, amazon.com

This bag of fluff has over 4,000 five-star reviews – you definitely won’t be the only adult chowing down on this sugar high.

Promising review: “I initially bought these as a joke, but the joke was on me because they are amazing. I’m on my third bag and I will probably keep buying these forever. They always arrive fresh and uncrushed in their bag. They taste just like Lucky Charms marshmallows. They’re good by themselves, but they’re particularly delicious in hot chocolate. These are a childhood dream come true.” —Therescille

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.


A botanical fiber wrap with just a hint of iridescence, so you can add some real sparkle to your look during Zoom meetings…and still refuse to put on pants.

Wrap Life

Nnenna Stella, owner of The Wrap Life, started her company as a one-woman web-exclusive shop. Despite having celebrity customers like Issa Rae and Jessica Williams, Nnenna Stella’s line continues to sell high quality wraps at an approachable price. Since she began in 2015, her shop has grown into a high fashion line (we’re talking featured in Vogue Arabia, folks!) intended for the every day.

This lightweight wrap has a smooth texture to the material and can be machine washed on cold and tumble dried on low.

Get it from The Wrap Life for $32.


A hanging eucalyptus that’ll spruce up your space with just a smidgen of sprigs while avoiding the pressure of keeping plants alive.


Promising review: “Wow! I’ve been looking for eucalyptus leaves for a while but haven’t been able to find one with a branch and string like this. It matches perfectly with my room decor. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves plants. It’s a beautiful product, a must buy!” —Steven Johnson

Get it from Amazon for $27.99.


Or pack of three collapsible lanterns sure to add some life to your place even if you don’t have ~mushroom~ to keep potted plants. Now you get to be the ~fungi~ who has quirky/cool decor! Good going.


Promising review:These are even better-looking than I thought they’d be! They turned out so cute and fit perfectly with my mountain theme!” —Brenna G

Get them from Amazon for $21.99.


A snazzy pair of fluffy Uggs for keeping up the cozy fashion we’ve come to love in 2020 and continuing to wear accessories that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and out.

amazon.com, amazon.com

These have over 8,000 five-star reviews!

Promising review:These slippers are so unique and comfortable. There is a solid platform, which gives them a very different feel than any other slipper, and the strap really keeps them in place. They are so soft and funky-looking. I actually wear them outside of the house running errands and such, so they are worth the price tag for a slipper.” —Helga

Get them from Amazon for $99.95+ (available in 35 colors and sizes 5–12).


And finally, a milk chocolate potato chip bar you can go ahead and call “dinner” in 2021.


Purchased by the Chickasaw Nation in 2000, Bedré grew from a tiny chocolate shop into a nationally known fine chocolate brand. This local staple has grown into a cult-favorite candy shop with delicacies your tastebuds are gonna love.

Get it from Bedré for $2.20+ (available individually or in 12-pack).

When you go into the new year free of resolutions:

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