Fashion Photography – 4 Requirements To Become A Successful Fashion Photographer

We can get a glimpse of fashion photography almost everywhere we look on TV, newspapers, internet and all media. Dazzling women with long legs and tanned skin scream for attention on news stands all over the place. It is the fashion photographer who is primarily responsible to bring those photographers to us, the everyday people. Unlike what one often imagines, there is more to fashion photography than a glitzy life style, fun and happening models. In fact there is a lot of planning involved behind every single fashion photograph that we see.

A name such as Mario Testino has become iconic in the realm of fashion photography. Did you know that photographers like him are just as sought after as the models that they photograph? At times the photographer is an even bigger celebrity than the model.

This profession may seem dream like to the young and enthusiastic photographer but it is not all about fun and glitz. It is not just about meeting the rich and the famous, the fat checks and the feeling of rock that goes with fashion photography. Did you know, for every one photographer that is successful, there are hundreds who are left looking for shoots for many years? Many give up after a few years while some do go on to become successful later on in life.

If you want to become a fashion photographer –

1. Learn the art well

There is no end to learning. Here is where many a youngster goes astray. they are so bothered about the style and the glamour associated with the fashion photographer, they concentrate more on looking right than shooting right. Know your photography so well that it comes naturally to you. Get books on the subject and read them to expand your knowledge of the subject.

2. Equipment

Next to the right knowledge comes the right equipment. Here is a hard truth – you cannot be a good fashion photographer unless you can afford expensive equipment. Cameras are not cheap, and you have new ones coming out every season. If you cannot afford to start off with a good camera and lighting system, your knowledge would go to waste.

3. The portfolio

The portfolio of a photographer is what finally lands the job. Make sure you have an impressive folio with your best work carefully selected. Choose the best 4 by 5 slide images you have. Some prefer to make prints. It is suggested – if you are discussing something with a photography pro, carry the slides. If it is a designer you are meeting the prints may be a better idea and more convenient for everyone.

4. Personality

Any editor is looking for original talent, so make sure you have a strong individual point of view. It is OK to be affected by another professional’s point of view, as long as you add or remove from it to make it unique and different. You need an identity!

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