Gold Locket Designs and Styles

The basic purpose of the locket necklace is to hold precious photos of people dear to you. The locket is constructed of two halves, which are joined with a tiny hinge on one side. This allows the item to be opened so you can insert a photo or two. The double style has an extra interior divider so when your locket is opened it actually has four sections that can contain different pictures.

The most popular design for a locket made of gold is the heart shape. This often reflects the love one person has for another so it is usually given between couples. The gold heart is also available in styles appropriate for a young girl or teen. A variation on the heart shape is the oval design. This is available as a plain non-decorative piece or a highly ornamental style. You can even find some oval lockets with cameos inset into the front surface of the piece. The various weights in gold used for these items will vary from 10kts to 24kts.

While there are some non-decorative lockets available most of them have some type of ornamentation on the front portion. This can be a gemstone accent, engraved etchings or various inlays. Another gold item that can come with gemstones or etchings is the gold bangle bracelet. This bracelet design is made to be a solid non-flexible bracelet that can be easily slipped onto your wrist. The bangle style is available in several different widths so you can choose a thin delicate design or a wide glamorous style. Some will have the appearance of twisted rope or thread in the construction of the piece. This gives the bracelet a textured appearance that is a unique design.

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