How to give yourself a firming facial workout with Face Gym’s founder, Inge Theron

For the final session of Stella Live 2021, Facegym founder, Inge Theron, demonstrated a 45 minute facial workout to firm and lift the muscles beneath the skin and de-puff tired, lacklustre skin from her London bathroom. 

A former spa columnist turned entrepreneur, with eleven studios in London, LA, New York and Manchester, when the pandemic hit Theron cleverly pivoted towards online courses with phenomenal success. 

She explains: “when the first lockdown came we began posting workouts on Instagram to empower our clients to maintain their results at home, and the response was incredible. 

The transformation pictures from our 14-day facial workout challenge were unbelievable – that’s when we knew we that we could compliment our salon treatments with virtual classes that delivered results – men and women were changing the shape of their faces with their hands alone by simply taking time for themselves. All you need is five minutes in the morning and night to make a real difference. 

She adds, “it’s all about looking and feeling the best version of you – you’re not going to remove all of your wrinkles but exercising the facial muscles consistently will help to sculpt and lift your face in a non-aggressive way, as well as helping you to unwind,” says Inge.

Along with the city studios which are back in business, Facegym now offers five online facial workout classes a day from quick HIIT training to eye lifting. 

“There is at least 40 muscles in your face that, if you don’t exercise, will sag and droop just like the muscles on your body. Skincare will only get you so far – the muscles underneath the skin act like scaffolding and need exercising to maintain their tone,” says Inge.

Inge Theron’s top 3 tips to boost your facial workout 

  1. Start by eliminating toxins around the neck and chest area with some lymphatic drainage. This helps to flush away built up toxins from our diets including sugar and alcohol. Watch the video to find out how.
  2. Always use a face oil when you are giving your face a massage so that you don’t drag and pull your skin as you go. Most oils will do, but avoid using a dry oil as it will be absorbed too quickly into the skin. You want one with a lot of slip to ease the process.
  3. Invest in a good cleanser with active ingredients and incorporate cleansing into your massage routine – and don’t forget to cleanse your neck as this area often gets neglected! Facegym has a cleanser with active ingredients such as electrolytes, red clover extracts for pores and papaya extract to gently exfoliate to treat your skin as you massage and cleanse.

Watch Inge Theron’s beginners guide to facial massage, a 45 minute workout for your face.