Local fashion company ‘RedThread’ making women feel confident

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – A local fashion business is making staple clothing pieces that are made just for you. ‘RedThread’ came to be five years ago when owner and founder, Meghan Litchfield, realized traditional sizing didn’t make sense. Women’s bodies fluctuate after having kids and the demands of life, Litchfield knew there was an opportunity to help women feel good in their skin.

‘RedThread’ is a zero-waste sewing studio that started right out of a garage and now operates out of a sewing studio in Verdi. Their focus is on timeless pieces for any body type. All wardrobe-essentials are custom-made in the USA from just two photos. The fashion company has patented technology where the buyer takes two photos of themselves and specific measurements are generated.

Meghan Litchfield shared why creating this business was so important,

“We are all in really unique shapes and we’ve all really been compromising with this sizing system, you know we’ve been like I’ll put up with them being too short or put up with the waistband being too loose, we sort of just refused. What if we could do it differently? What if we could help women put on a pair of pants and feel like a million bucks? ,” Litchfield said.

The fashion company has a lifetime guarantee so if your body changes or they miss the mark on your fit, alterations and remakes are free for life.

For more information on ‘RedThread’, click here.

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