Nihao Jewelry Is Going To Create More Possibilities For The Mexican Fashion Wholesale Market

Nihao Jewelry is one of the largest professional fashion apparel and jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers in Mexico, dedicated to providing a wide range of quality Chinese products to Mexican boutiques and jewelry stores. The company has a strong supply chain and manufacturing capabilities. There are over 150,000 Chinese trendy items on Nihao wholesale website, including fashion jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses, women’s clothing, bags and more.

With over eight years of wholesale experience and exceptional customer service, Nihao Jewelry has gained the trust of over 600,000 customers worldwide, especially in the United States and Mexico.

The B2B industry has been evolving quite dramatically in recent years.COVID-19 has thoroughly disrupted the e-commerce supply chain. In 2020, global e-commerce is estimated to exceed $6 trillion. By 2027, the global B2B e-commerce market is expected to reach more than $13 trillion, according to research from MarketWatch.

b2b eCommerce trends

The remarkable growth of e-commerce during COVID-19 has led more and more retailers to seek online B2B suppliers, both domestic and international. And Nihao Jewelry, one of the fashion B2B eCommerce suppliers, provides a one-stop wholesale solution for entrepreneurs, boutique owners and jewelry store owners worldwide.

How will Nihao better serve its customers in Mexico?

1. Nihao Products

nihaojewelry products
nihaojewelry products

The Nihao Jewelry wholesale website currently has 12 categories to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Nihao caters to the fast fashion market with over 800 new stylish items added daily, always following the fashion trends. Among them, stainless steel jewelry and 925 silver jewelry are very popular among customers.

With its own factory, Nihao is fully committed to providing high quality fashion jewelry and accessories for resale. Nihao will further optimize the website structure, enrich the product categories and strive to build a better fashion wholesale platform.

2. Nihao Shipping

Expensive shipping is a weakness that has been criticized by our customers since COVID-19. We have explained in previous articles why Nihaojewelry’s shipping costs are expensive. We can’ t change the significant increase in international shipping costs due to COVID-19, but we are still trying to find ways to save your shipping costs. The good news is that we are offering more discounts on shipping whenever possible.

In addition to this, we are constantly improving our logistics in order to reduce delivery times and expect to build a distribution center in Mexico this year. Once the Nihao Jewelry Mexico warehouse is completed, customers will get their best-selling items from that warehouse, which means delivery times could be reduced from 7-9 days to 1-3 days!

3. Nihao Service

Nihao allows you to bulk buy without having to talk to a sales representative first, making B2B purchasing as easy as shopping online. In addition, we have professional Spanish-speaking customer service to help you with all your shopping questions, and Nihao Jewelry also has a weekly Facebook live stream to provide a clearer visual representation of our latest best-selling products.

4. Additional Services – Training

Nihao has not only an English blog, but also a Spanish blog with effective marketing tips for your online business. On our Youtube channel, we will also provide more content on sourcing or marketing to help our clients grow their business.

nihaojewelry espanol blog
nihaojewelry espanol blog

5. Dropshipping

As more and more customers are trying dropshipping business, Nihao also offers a new dropshipping platform for resellers – Nihao Dropshipping. It integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce to help customers quickly import Nihao products to their own stores to sell.

nihaodropshipping website
nihaodropshipping website

Reports about Nihao Jewelry

In order to better serve our Mexican customers and provide a more professional localized service, Nihao Jewelry increased its investment in Mexico and partnered with local Mexican companies. Here is the report about the event from a local Mexican newspaper:

milenio report about Nihaojewelry
milenio report about Nihaojewelry

The news mentions the history of Nihao, the growth rate of the covid-19 megapopular Nihao Jewelry Group, the partners of the Nihao Jewelry Mexico team, and the vision for the future – to establish a distribution center in Mexico. We are sure that Nihao Jewelry will be in the position to create more possibilities for the Mexican wholesale fashion market!

If you want to build a successful business, Nihaojewelry will be happy to serve you. We are experts in wholesale fashion products and have direct supply factories in China. Work with Nihao Jewelry now and order the trendiest items for your business!

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