22 Exfoliating Body Scrubs, Mitts, Peels and Brushes For Your Smoothest Skin Ever

Plus, they make products like moisturizers and self-tanners more effective.

Exfoliation is the key to getting soft, smooth, glow-y skin, whether that’s manually buffing away dullness with a brush, mitt or scrub or gently promoting cell turnover with an acid- or enzyme-based peel. It’s just as important for the body as it is for the face, and it’s essential for making products like moisturizers and self-tanners more effective.

There are plenty of body exfoliating options to choose from: in-shower mitts that transform skin in the time it takes to suds up; dry brushes that support circulation and lymphatic drainage while they smooth; luxuriously-scented scrubs that make showering a transportive experience; and innovative tools (ever heard of a “body plane”?) that are straight out of the spa. In the gallery below, we’ve rounded up our favorites in every category, so there’s something for every skin type and preference. Click through to

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Trump Could Use Putin to Skirt Prosecution

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Here’s what we’re talking about:

One thing to watch for: President Biden welcomes outgoing Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to the White House at 4 p.m. Eastern.

Former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

1. GET-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE CARD: It sounds like something out of a movie. But legal professors caution that there are very real risks if former President Donald Trump were to be indicted and flee to a country without an extradition treaty, especially nations like Russia where he has business ties.


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The global chip shortage could soon start causing problems for your bank cards, too


The global shortage of chips is now threatening to imperil the supply of smart payment cards.

Image: shapecharge / Getty Images

After causing long waiting lists for smartphones, PCs and gaming consoles, the global shortage of chips is now threatening to imperil the supply of another pretty indispensable item: the card that you use every day to make payments. 

The Smart Payment Association (SPA), the trade body for the cards and mobile payments industry, has warned that the bottlenecks that are currently hitting the production of semiconductors is trickling down to some payment card manufacturers, who are facing difficulties securing the components they need to produce the items. 

With the shortage showing no sign of ending for another year at least, this could cause some major issues for consumers. 

“If the situation does not improve, there are going to be millions of cards missing and this will have a

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How to give yourself a firming facial workout with Face Gym’s founder, Inge Theron

For the final session of Stella Live 2021, Facegym founder, Inge Theron, demonstrated a 45 minute facial workout to firm and lift the muscles beneath the skin and de-puff tired, lacklustre skin from her London bathroom. 

A former spa columnist turned entrepreneur, with eleven studios in London, LA, New York and Manchester, when the pandemic hit Theron cleverly pivoted towards online courses with phenomenal success. 

She explains: “when the first lockdown came we began posting workouts on Instagram to empower our clients to maintain their results at home, and the response was incredible. 

The transformation pictures from our 14-day facial workout challenge were unbelievable – that’s when we knew we that we could compliment our salon treatments with virtual classes that delivered results – men and women were changing the shape of their faces with their hands alone by simply taking time for themselves. All you need is five

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