How Los Angeles-based Face of Jules redefines esthetics with holistic health in mind

Photo courtesy Face of Jules

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In Los Angeles, aesthetic is everything for many that come to dwell in the glimmering City of Angels. While the American Society of Plastic Surgeons lists 72 plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills alone, across just six square miles, the demand for enhancing and perhaps perfecting one’s appearance is staggering in Los Angeles. Though in recent years, the plastic surgery industry has seen a new competitor— the medical esthetics industry. And while some of the most common treatments are Botox or fillers, a new trend within the esthetics industry has emerged, gaining popularity in consumers that aren’t just concerned with their looks, but with their health as well. One up-and-coming holistic skincare clinic is redefining the concept of a day spa with treatments that aren’t as focused on relaxation, but instead focused on holistic health and healing.

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Muay Thai sportswear for weight loss in Thailand and a buyer’s guide

Muay Thai For Weight Loss Program in Thailand With Online Business

Nobody goes for a Muay Thai training in Thailand without ensuring that they have their stash of training gears for the training. However, when some people want to travel for their Muay Thai training, they’re not sure where to shop for training sportswear. Rest assured that you can get your sportswear in Thailand, especially in the capital city of Bangkok. There is a wide range of Muay Thai training wears to stock up on, whether you’re looking for customized Muay Thai T-shirts, training shorts, ankle guards, and the likes.  Whether you’re shopping for Muay Thai gear to train in Thailand or to take home for your own practice, the experience is always fun, and there are several designs and brands available to choose from. Most tourist areas in Thailand have lots of shops, malls, and supermarkets where you can go shopping for the essentials. Since the goal is to find good … Read More

Former auto body shop worker opens ‘healing’ salt cave in St. Cloud

ST. CLOUD — At 8, Christina Piecek dreamed of owning a spa.

As an adult, she took the first step toward that dream by going to massage school, but she eventually ended up working in an auto body shop.

Then a few years ago, her father — a veteran who adopted Piecek — died by suicide after struggling with pain medication and its side effects for years.

“He was taking a bunch of pills every single day, and I saw him deteriorate from this big-muscled burly Marine to a shriveled-up person in a very short period of time,” Piecek said. “He was prescribed pills, and he was prescribed pills for the side effects.”

Piecek, 39, said she started researching alternative medicines after her father’s death. She stumbled upon salt therapy by happenstance.

“I found a salt cave on Groupon,” she said. “I thought, ‘I’m going to try that.’ I did

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54 Best Sephora Black Friday Deals 2021 to Score Right Now

The best Sephora Black Friday deals 2021 are here—and they’re better than anyone could have possibly budgeted for. Since you definitely have better things to do than scroll through hundreds of beauty products on a holiday weekend, we combed through all the major categories—makeup, skin, and hair care—to find you the markdowns actually worth your time and coin.

No surprise here, the best Sephora Black Friday deals 2021 include a bevy of must-haves: cult-favorite skin care, super-charged hair tools, under-$25 gift sets, and so much more up to 50% off. There’s truly something for everyone, so whether you’re on the hunt for the best possible Black Friday deals or shopping for stocking stuffers, now’s the time to make a move—especially if you’re concerned about potential delivery delays.

Looking for more discounts? Check out our edit of the best Black Friday deals happening now—and don’t sleep on the best

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